Most Popular Sports to Bet On

Sports to Bet

If you love sports, then it makes perfect sense to also earn money as you root for your favourite teams and individual players. The advancement of internet technology has allowed us to wager sports bets online. You no longer have to go to a physical kiosk to put your wager, as you can do sports betting at VulkanBet and other sports booking casinos online.

Now, the question is: what sports should you bet on? Today, we’ll show you the most popular sports to be on if you are playing online. Note that not all casinos offer sports booking, but many online casinos are now moving in this direction.


The most popular promoter of MMA is the UFC. There are exciting events happening here all the time. The MMA is beset with controversies from time to time, and their fighters may even crossover to boxing sometimes.

The great thing about MMA is that there are many ways to bet. If you want, you can make a straight bet and win if your chosen fighter also wins. Make this bet only if you are really confident that your chosen fighter is good enough to win.  

On the other hand, you also have a choice about the fight’s outcome, regardless of the winner. For example, you can bet and predict that the outcome is KO, TKO, submission, or decision. If your prediction is correct, you win. You can also bet on the number of rounds before a winner is declared.


Basketball is one of those games whose outcome is really tough to predict. Today, there are so many basketball stars that dominate the league. Examples of these are Lebron James and Stephen Curry.

The best time to place wagers on basketball is during the championship matches. Also, the NBA is the best league to bet on, as it is the biggest basketball league in the world. Like MMA, there are many ways to bet here.

You can make a straight bet where you win if your chosen team wins. It is also possible to do spread betting. For example, the spread is Miami Heat (–5.5) vs Boston Celtics (+5.5). If you bet on the Heat, you have to win with at least 5.5 points advantage. If you bet on the Celtics, they must win outright or lose but with no more than 5.5 points margin. 


When we say baseball, we are talking about American MLB. Unlike basketball, the bets here are called Moneyline, where you only choose who wins the game.

As such, you have to determine who is the better team. For each match, there is an underdog. The underdog is the team that is likely to lose. Bets on underdogs have better prizes than the favourite. The reason behind this is that the underdog does not have a lot of chances to win anyway.

You do not have to be a big fan of baseball to bet and win. Just keep in mind that in this game, the most common betting style is a Moneyline. Some sports bookers offer spreads, but these are rare. Spread betting is also best if you understand how the game works.

Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby is one of the most popular horse racing events on the planet. People all over the world come to this horse race in person. In 2019, the estimate was that $250 million were wagered in this event. 

As one of the most popular horse races in the world, there is no shortage of information about the horses and their jockeys. To be successful, you must take the time to read the list of horses participating, and study them, too.


Boxing may have lost some of its lustre in recent years, but this does not mean that it is not worth looking into. There are still many events where a lot of money is at stake, but not as much as the Manny vs Floyd fight. 

In that fight, experts say that a total of $100 million were wagered. That amount is the biggest in the history of Nevada. There were single wagers that cost at least a million dollars. Despite the retirement of many one-of-a-kind players, boxing is an international sport that is going to have a following.


These are the best sports to bet on because they are the most popular. A lot of money is at stake. You will also realize that as more and more players participate, you will also have more betting options and different odds.