Is Arat going to be the next Messi?

One of the most famous Sequences A protectors deprived of conjectures that Cristiano Ronaldo was the cause he picked Juventus over Barcelona, PSG and Manchester United.

Away from the precise articulation of his last name, Juventus star Matthijs de Ligt addressed about the most stimulating issues in his professional career. The 20 year old protector from Netherlands went with Wojciech Szczesny for an interview on Polish YouTube channel Foot Truck (via BBC sport) and spoke about how he handled to solve the burden of being in the spotlight.

As per de Ligt, he saw that everybody was looking out for what he can do inside the pitch by now. He said that he has erudite to cope with it overtime but self-confessed that he is still familiarizing to the game.

It is really tough to have faith in that a player as superb as Messi could possibly be swapped. His influence has touched the newer generations and over the years, there have been uncountable kids who were named to be the “next Messi.” Though, an Iranian kid named Arat Hosseini could be the one to really track the paths of the Argentine icon. Just like Messi, Hosseini is left-footed, can perform uncountable tricks and also astounding the number 10.

The miracle kid has increased admiration through social media and YouTube. He regularly uploads video clips presenting his unbelievable dribbling skills, footwork and most especially, his incredible six-pack abs. Hosseini claims a confounding 3.3 million followers on Instagram and has gone viral by now. His new Instagram post even made him more famed after he outrageously performed an overhead kick goal inside his room. Hosseini often uses a Liverpool exercise gear but in the said video, the Liverpool kid wore a Barca shirt.

Hosseini’s stunt did not go ignored as Barcelona’s official Twitter account re-uploaded the video and admirers were truly pleased. Whoever is controlling his Instagram account, also took the chance to tell Messi and Barcelona’s official instagram account that Hosseini has been fantasizing of playing for the club one day.

“He fantasizes about it every single night. And he associates himself with Messi. He says I want to be just like him when I grew up. Arat always does his finest to achieve his dreams,” He inscribed.

In the meantime, reports claim that Barcelona may have signed up their next Messi by now. According to pundits and manifold analyses, Barcelona’s new passing Francisco Trincao is already playing like the Argentine superstar.

Last October, de Ligt allegedly has seized the kindness of Ronaldo’s nemesis Lionel Messi. Reports demanded at the time that the Argentine star wants Barcelona to turn in de Ligt Barcelona as a long-term spare for Gerard Pique. 

Aside from being a prospect of multiple clubs, de Ligt was also once regarded as the future Ronaldo. In fact, Edwin van der Sar, a Manchester United teammate of Ronaldo and also an essential portion in the growth of de Ligt, praised the youngster for allocating the “same attitude” as “CR7” on the pitch.

Barcelona’s latest signing is drawing contrasts with like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo by now.

Francisco Trincao is a 20 year old advancing from Portugal. He was the joint-top scorer at the European Under-19 Championship in 2018 and is extremely predictable to deliver an additional aggressive option for Barcelona once the 2020-21 season gets under way. In fact, as initial as now, Trincao is being advertised as the next Messi by now.

To put Trincao’s case into context, total football analysis excavated deeper into his game and exposed that generally talking, the Portuguese youngster really looks like the playing style of a young Messi.

As per the analysis, Trincao, just like Messi, is an extremely multipurpose forward who is most real when given a free certificate on either of the sides. He is, nevertheless, “most contented as the out-and-out no. 7 over on the right-wing where he can also be a width provider or cut inside to sprout with his favored left foot.”

However his achievements are still far from the Argentine superstar, the study noted that Trincao’s drooling skills, the 1-on-1 danger he owns when remoted with the defenders and his originality and inventiveness in insanely limited seats do make him fairly alike to Messi.

One room for development the study found on Trincao’s game is his passing. But based on his overall attributes, the study recommends that Trincao could be used as the missing wide man for the Catalans and should he be able to surpass prospects, he may even be used in that Messi part no one has been able to fill in for years.

Before the lockdown, Trincão was liking a creative season for Braga, scoring 7 goals and providing 5 assists to date. He also aided Braga win the Portuguese League Cup this season, its first main title since 2016. The silky left-footed onward sketched the eye of several of Europe’s major clubs when he led Portugal’s under-19s to conquest at the 2018 European Contests, concluding the tournament with the most goals and most backings.

In a fresh meeting with PortuGOAL, Trincao exposed his opinions about having the chance to play with Messi . According to the teen-ager, playing with “Leo” is dream come true and he is already opening to collect material about the club.

“I am really searching forward to playing with Messi. When the transmission was finished it was an astonishing emotion, a dream come true for me. Abel Ruiz has vocalized to me brightly about what I can expect at Barcelona. He has expressed me about the players, the city, the whole thing,” Trincao told.

“I do not right to have shaped Cristiano Ronaldo. A lot of people have inspired him. But the main inspiration has been himself – his drive has been eccentric,” he said.

In the meantime, Ronaldo has been related to a reappearance to Madrid following his seeming wish to leave Juventus. Though, reports claimed that the 35 year old is not welcome in Real Madrid and did not have too many supporters within the club’s first team. It is said that within the organization, only Marcelo was labeled as a great colleague of Ronaldo in the Spanish capital.