IOA member writes to sports ministry, calls for removal of Rajiv Mehta

Indian Olympic Association Executive Council member Bholanath Singh has written a complaint against IOA Secretary General Rajiv Mehta for holding multiple posts in different sports organisations in the country.

Singh, in a letter to Union Sports Secretary Ravi Mittal, said Mehta is holding posts in various state level sports organisations besides holding the post in national level sports organisations and thus should be removed from his position in the IOA and other bodies.

“The website of Uttarakhand Sports Department indicates that Mehta is holding the post of President, Uttaranchal Olympic Association and President of Uttaranchal State Football Association. It has also been noted that his wife Deepa Mehta is also holding post of President Uttaranchal Swimming Association,” the letter read.

Singh said that besides this, Mehta is holding the director post in all the districts cricket association of Uttarakhand.

“It is pertinent to observe that Mehta is in football in state and at national level he is in kho kho, luge, fencing etc and his wife is in swimming at state level and at national level, she is in luge and kho kho. Amazing management. It seems for some, sports is business and not honorary.

Singh said that Mehta’s continuation as President of the Fencing Association of India is “illegal”, as after being the President of Kho-Kho Federation, he cannot hold the post of President in another federation.

His elections as President, Fencing Association of India (FAI) are in violation of Sports Code, 2011 as there were three votes for each state member, he added.

“Accordingly, Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports is requested to kindly take into account the above facts and draw a conclusion how a person can manage the affairs of so many organisations and what is his motives.”

“Sir, hopefully powerful lobby of few sports administrator which include Rajiv Mehta and Sudhanshu Mittal (IOA Vice President) may not sabotage this inquiry as they have been making assertion that no one in the Union Sports Ministry can do anything with them without their approval and wish.

“I have full faith in you and in the present-day government and hope justice will prevail and such unscrupulous persons will be removed/punished,” he added.