ICC certainly needs Indian cricket, says new chairman Barclay

Indian cricket is massively important to the cricket world and the International Cricket Council (ICC) recognises this fact, and any “internal squabbles” between the two important bodies can be sorted out amicably, said new ICC chairman Gregor John Barclay on Monday.

“India is a massively important part of world cricket, a hugely contributing member of the ICC. From time to time, like all families, we have internal squabbles or whatever, but I think that India recognises its importance to not just the ICC but to world cricket and certainly the ICC needs Indian cricket,” Barclay, who took the ICC reins on November 24, said in a virtual media interaction.

“So, we navigate our way through any differences that there might be from time to time. But, by and large, India was made a full member in the same year as New Zealand was, back in 1926. So, we both have been around as cricketing countries and full (ICC) members for close to 100 years. So, I think we can all assume that we are important contributing members of the organisation, and I have no doubt that it would continue to be the case,” he said.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and ICC have been at loggerheads for a few years, particularly on the issue of sharing revenues that the game’s world governing body generates and distributes amongst its member countries.

A few years ago, the N Srinivasan-led BCCI initiated the formation of a three-nation group within the ICC, called the ‘Big Three’ and also comprising full members England and Australia, that sought the lion’s share of the ICC revenues.

The three argued that they contribute to the ICC more than any other members, so they deserve the biggest share of the share.

However, that formula was dismantled in 2015 when India’s Shashank Manohar succeeded Srinivasan, and brought about a more acceptable method of distribution of money from the ICC kitty.