I would love to go: Djokovic on US Open participation

World No.1 Novak Djokovic has opened the door for his participation in this year’s US Open just days after organisers put forward the schedule in wake of coronavirus pandemic.

Djokovic, however, didn’t confirm if he will participate in the last Grand Slam of the year or not, but he did say that he is less skeptical about the event now than few weeks ago.

“As I’ve heard from some people at USTA and ATP I’ve talked to in the last couple of weeks, it’s highly likely that we will be able to go and use the courts during the quarantine if it stays there,” Djokovic said while appearing on Tennis Channel Live.

“Also, there is a possibility there is no quarantine for athletes coming in, which would be phenomenal. Right now, there is still plenty of time to decide if I go or not.

“I cannot tell you yes or no. I would love to go, of course, but still I have to see how it all plays out with the regulations.”

The US Open will be held according to its original schedule from August 31 with the Cincinnati Open being held at the Flushing Meadows before that from August 22.

“The US Open is one of most important tournaments in the world, one of the sacred tournaments in the history of our sport,” Djokovic said.

“It’s a tournament I’ve always enjoying playing. We have another two months until the start of the U.S. tournaments, so hopefully the measures and regulations as it stands today will be able to be different and loosen up a little bit, especially with the quarantine.”