How to Build a Tennis Court

Tennis Court

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a tennis court at their disposal and installing this type of infrastructure is often expensive. However, a tennis court can enrich your life and help you to exercise, socialise and release some stress. With a little creativity and a solution-focused attitude, you can build a tennis court.

Where you are doing the job yourself or hiring a team, here are a few things to consider if you want to build a tennis court.

How big should a tennis court be?

Of course, the size of your tennis court vastly depends on the size of the land you have available. The minimum suggested length for a court is 120ft, and the minimum width is 60ft, totalling 7200 square feet. If you donít have a large space for a tennis court, consult a professional to see if you can alter the dimensions and style to cater to the area.

How to prepare the court

The installation of a tennis court starts with preparing the land itself. If the surface needs to be covered and levelled out, you may need to rent a heavy-duty machine for backfilling and levelling the ground. Bear in mind that hiring machinery and a tea qualified to operate it will be an added expense. Typically, a team will use a mini excavator to prepare the ground for a tennis court. 

Next up, you need to start on the foundations of the court. You need an even layer of rubble and gravel to create a flat surface for the court. If your land has a natural incline, you need to ensure your team installs a drainage and water collection system before laying any foundation materials. Once thatís done, you can begin to lay down a geotextile membrane, stone up, install a sub-base and a sports surfacing of your choice. The materials used and the complexity of the installation process will depend on the land you are dealing with.

Itís best to go for a robust and functional material Ė such as porous concrete. Some individuals go for a synthetic floor, modern grass or even clay flooring. Concrete, however, provides increased resistance to cracks, settling and heaving, and lower maintenance costs. It lasts longer and is excellent to play tennis on.

How to line mark a tennis court

You can either use a brush or line marking machine is make your tennis court come to life. On average, a width of 1.6inches is used for court markings and prevents oil from spreading throughout the court. Invest in a high-quality line marking paint that will withstand the test of time. Before you begin marking, make sure the court is clean and apply an anti-moss treatment all over the flooring. Carry out regular maintenance to make sure everything is in the best condition possible.

Building a tennis court is a great project that you can enjoy for years to come.