Hockey teams focussing on strength training during stay at home

The Indian men’s and women’s hockey teams have been spending quality time with their families after being given a month-long break last week.

Men’s team forward Ramandeep Singh expressed that he will be taking rest for a few days before resuming his fitness training at home.

“It’s been great to be back at home after a long camp. I have spent quality time with my family while taking rest at home. Our Scientific Advisor Robin Arkell has given us a few directions about how we should carry out our fitness training here. I will start doing some basic exercises which require minimal equipment such as push-ups and crunches from next week onwards,” said the 27-year-old.

Midfielder Vivek Sagar Prasad said that Arkell has suggested a training plan which focuses on the lower back and hamstring.

“It’s important to continue focussing on our fitness at home as well. Robin has suggested a training plan which focuses on our lower back, hamstring and all the parts in our body which are important for hockey. The exercises in the fitness schedule will help keep our important body parts strong and healthy,” said the 20-year-old.

The women’s team was at the Sports Authority of India campus in Bengaluru since February for the national coaching camp, while the men’s team arrived in Bengaluru in the first week of March. The athletes will be recalled on July 19 to resume sports activities as part of their preparations for the Tokyo Olympic Games.

Meanwhile, women’s team forward Navjot Kaur said that the entire side will be focusing on strength training and hockey-specific muscle groups during their break at home.

“During our stay at home, we will be focusing on strength training and hockey-specific muscle groups. We worked very hard on our fitness during the lockdown and we will definitely continue to work on it at home as well. We can certainly use this time to improve our strength and endurance,” said the 25-year-old.

Defender Gurjit Kaur added that the team will be also doing some exercises which they carried out during the lockdown at the SAI campus.

“We got used to carrying out our fitness schedule in our rooms in the past few months. We will certainly carry on with push-ups and crunches at home as well. Since I have come back home after a long time, I am taking rest for a few days. I will start my fitness training in a week’s time. We have been directed to focus on our strength training during this period,” said the 24-year-old.