Haven’t had any symptoms: Sergio Perez issues COVID-19 update

Formula One racer Sergio Perez on Wednesday informed that he is not showing COVID-19 symptoms anymore, just days after testing positive for the deadly virus.

Perez was diagnosed with COVID-19 last week that saw him miss the British Grand Prix in Silverstone. His team, Racing Point, replaced him with German driver Nico Hulkenberg for the race.

Perez uploaded a video on his Instagram account and revealed he is fine and showing no symptoms and is looking to make a comeback soon.

“I’m fine thank God. I have not had any symptoms,” Perez wrote in his Instagram post. “This is how I spend my days: Training, iPad, TV, telephone and kitchen.

“Yes, it’s been long days…looking forward to coming back very soon. Thanks to everyone for your support,” he added.

Perez’ replacement at Silverstone, Hulkenberg had an outing to forget as his comeback race finished even before he could start. His car broke down before the start of the race following a technical snag.

Hulkenberg’s mechanics began packing up from his grid slot and returned to the garage to work on his car as the teams and drivers began their final preparations for the race.

It was initially thought he would start the race from the pitlane, but just moments before the formation lap, the team confirmed he would be unable to start the race.

Hulkenberg is likely to partner Lance Stroll again this weekend for the 70th anniversary GP at Silverstone. Perez will have to test negative twice before he can rejoin his F1 team, which could be the Spanish GP in Barcelona on August 16.