Gamification of slot machines: a new experience

Slot gamification is a fairly recent trend, which appeared in online casinos in the early 2010s. It is a response to the increasing competition between the different platforms. And therefore, the need to innovate and offer a unique experience to players. Rather than developing standard slot machines, which would be simple virtual equivalents to physical one-armed bandits, some publishers have decided to transform them into real video games.

Indeed, it is clearly from the world of online cricket betting tips that online casinos have been inspired to offer personalized avatars that have to complete quests in each game. These missions are really just a pretext to move from one level to another, with bonuses and financial gains at the end. Instead of throwing the slot machine and waiting for a winning combination, you now play in a complex world with complex rules.

So, we forget about the minimalist interactions with its virtual slot machine to get into the heart of the action. The particularity of the gamification of the one-armed bandits also lies in the arrival of multiplayer modes, which allow you to confront other users, and even to play with several players. This is much more in line with the expectations and gambling habits of a younger audience, which is increasingly interested in the virtual casino.

The main characteristics of the new generation of slot machines

To summarize, these new one-armed bandits will introduce the following elements in each of your games:

  • customization: you will be able to create your own avatar and control his every action to move faster in the game;
  • levels: each game allows you to reach a new level. Your score will be materialized as a progress bar that will impact your earnings;
  • adventure: instead of clicking on the slot machine, your role will be to accomplish quests, corresponding to a solo or team mission;
  • Multiplayer mode: the best slots allow you to compete against other players and to be ranked. Glory and money at stake!

The future of online gambling?

As a result, you’ll find many more slot machines that work as real video games than as standard one-armed bandits. Indeed, the leaders of the online gambling industry see the possibility of offering an exceptional experience to their users, and attracting more and more players. With endless possibilities to innovate and diversify, it was indeed impossible for players not to follow. The range of features, quests and adventures on offer make for a much more complete, but above all more fun and exciting game. And it stands out from the physical casinos.

Gamification is above all an excellent way for platforms to build player loyalty. It allows them to integrate loyalty programs and paid VIP features to improve the game experience or progress faster. The rewards are integrated into the game scenario, which makes it more addictive and prolongs the game in the hope of getting bonuses, of course. But also, and above all to complete its mission. The experience of these new slots is also much more exciting than a classic video game. Since each mission or quest will be rewarded with tangible bonuses. And the more complex they are, the more your winnings will climb!

So, we forget about the repetitive side of the classic one-armed bandit and immerse ourselves in completely crazy worlds (historical intrigue, alien hunting), with a huge variety of titles available today on virtual casinos.