Friends of deceased Mexican footballer help him score one final goal

In a heart-warming gesture, friends of a deceased 16-year-old Mexican footballer helped him score one final goal before bidding goodbye.

In the video shared on Twitter handle of TVBUS (@tvbus), which has since gone viral, Alexander Martinez Gomez’s friends paid special tribute to him during the funeral ceremony.

A friend passed the ball towards the coffin and it deflected into the net. Following the goal, the players came together in a huddle around the coffin.

The funeral service was being held at the pitch where Gomez used to hone his football skills, according to The Guardian.

According to the report, Gomez’s family revealed he was out to buy soda but died immediately after being shot at by a police officer. He was riding a motorcycle when reportedly a bullet struck his head.

“They said my son was carrying a weapon, that he shot himself. There are lots of lies,” Gomez’s mother said. “I want the culprits behind bars. I want justice. I want them to pay.”

Oaxaca state prosecutor Rubén Vasconcelos said: “A shot was fired directly at nine youths who were riding on motorcycles, and since (Gomez) was at the front of the group of people, he died immediately.”