Forecast for hot matches in the playoffs division

hot matches

The 2021-2022 NFL playoffs have not been as hot as predicted. However, the narrowing of the tournament grid and the desire of the teams to come to victory predicts a hot final. The last match of last week took place between the Cowboys and 49ers, where the latter won a resounding victory

Big buzz around lines for upcoming matches

By this week, out of 14 teams, only 8 remained. There will be a significantly active struggle between them. It is worth recalling that 4 of these teams made it to the playoffs last season. The narrowing of the tournament grid of this division led to the struggle of teams for every game point. The gap between the teams becomes minimal and even half a point of advantage can move the team further.

This week will be especially interesting for betting. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, only the best remained in the tournament bracket, and among them you can select your favorites. Careful analytics will help determine the favorite. Based on the games played, it will be possible to track a strong team and place a bet on the favorite. The 1xbet app ios bookmaker has its own approach to this. Due to the interest in the final games, the office has increased the number of lines and prepared interesting and hot odds. This week’s matches are very important for all teams, so it’s worth considering all the teams, as the underdogs gathered with strength will be able to give odds to the favorites.

Forecasts and interesting games of this week Buccaneers

Buccaneers in these games will have a particularly hard time, which attracts interest in this team. The team for the upcoming matches is left without most of its key strikers. Among them: Antonio Brown, Chris Gadwin, Mike Evans, Rob Gronkowski. However, the biggest loss is the absence of Tristan Wirfs.

Tristan pulled out of the game with an ankle injury during Tampa Bay’s game against the Eagles. Tampa Bay won this match. The player left the field limping. Virfs made attempts to return, but they were unsuccessful.

Titans vs Bengals

Both teams have heavy losses in personnel. Many players were seriously injured and unable to return for this match. The problem for the Bengals is the loss of defense and players on the line of scrimmage. The Titans still have strong players in this range. In addition, they expect the return of Derrick Henry, which only increases their chance of winning.