Football favorite betting strategy

Football favorite betting strategy

The opposite of the previous betting system. Its meaning lies in the selection of clear favorites (cf. <1.5) and the formation of accumulators, consisting of a maximum of 3 events. Playing low quotes as an ordinary is frankly unprofitable, and if you take them together, you get a very good coefficient.

True, in ice hockey, underdogs often present surprises: one sensation will completely spoil such an accumulator. It is recommended to opt out of the Regular Time Winner or Overtime Match Winner markets. No one is safe from a draw, and bullets are more like a lottery.

The best option is a handicap of 0. In case of a win, we will receive a payment according to the coefficient, and in case of a global one, we will return the amount of money put down.
Agree, a return is much better than a completely lost bet.

Forks (arbitrage)

Ice hockey arbitrage is a situation where you place bets on different outcomes, which will bring income regardless of the outcome of the match. How can this be, many of you will ask? This is not a private betting strategy – it is known to all players. The fact is that the odds for events at different bookmakers are different. Often the difference appears in hundredths, but they allow you to get a guaranteed profit of 1-2% of the bet amount.

Consider the strategy on the example of a meeting between representatives of the New Zealand Hockey League “Dunedin Thunder” and “West Auckland Admirals”. The teams play in a modest championship – perhaps this was the reason for making such a mistake on the part of the bookmaker:

  • Bet 12 (victory of the first or second team), kf. 1.15 (William Hill), bet amount – $174.86;
  • Bet X (draw), kf. 8.00 (1xBet), the bet amount is $25.14.

By doing simple mathematical calculations based on a $200 bankroll, we can get 0.55% of the bet, regardless of the final outcome of the match. Let’s check: if at least one of the teams wins in regular time, our income will be (25.14 $ * 8.00) = 201.12 dollars (which is more than the sum of the initial bets). The same applies to draws – ($174.86 * 1.15) = 201.08 USD.

Arbitrage is a profitable system, but it has a number of significant drawbacks. Bookmakers are not fools, they have known such secrets for a long time. Most bookmakers have a negative attitude towards arbers: they are often limited by the size of the maximum bets. Moreover, in the example described above, we showed how you can earn just 1 dollar.

If you want to get big money, this will require a giant bankroll.

Underwater rocks

And finally, in order for your predictions to be of the highest quality, check out the most important nuances related to hockey betting.

The dependence of the club on the leaders. If the leading attacking player or the main goalkeeper misses the match, most likely the team will have problems during the meeting;

Sensations happen often. At the same time, outsiders win against favorites more often than average players;
The best quotes are always observed in little-known leagues and tournaments. However, it is dangerous to bet on them due to the lack of not only statistics, but also video broadcasts of meetings. It is possible that among these fights there may be fixed matches;

The possibility of a comeback. For those who prefer live betting, take note: in hockey, a losing team can rehabilitate itself and take the lead at the end of the match. Of course, this happens in any sports discipline, but in hockey with an enviable frequency;

With a difference of one puck 1-2 minutes before the end of the match, the losing team can remove the goalkeeper and use him as a field hockey player. Such a development of events can lead to a goal for both the first and second teams;

Before registering in Pin Up yuklab olish, it is recommended to immediately pay attention to the method of calculating hockey bets – whether they are made taking into account extra time or not.

Pitfalls are present in any sports disciplines. Taking them into account when making forecasts, their quality will increase significantly, which will positively affect your income.