FIH announces revised qualification process for 2022/23 WCs

The International Hockey Federation (FIH) has announced a revised qualification process for the 2022/2023 men’s and women’s Hockey World Cups.

According to the new qualification process, a total of 11, instead of the original six, of the 16 quota of places in each of the two World Cups will be allocated from the five continental championships (including World Cup hosts). And the remaining five places will come from FIH qualification events slated for March, 2022.

Europe will enjoy the maximum share in the allocation of continental quotas with four spots for each of the two World Cups. The Netherlands and Spain will book two berths in the women’s tournament as co-hosts, said FIH on its website.

Asia has been given two spots for the women’s World Cup and three for the men’s with India being the hosts. Africa has been given one spot in each of the two World Cups.

Apart from the hosts, other continental quotas will be filled based on the final rankings at the relevant continental championships in 2021.