Everything You Need To Know About Golf Gear

Golf Gear

Golf equipment is a crucial component of the sport. You see golfers worldwide using different types of clubs, bags, gloves, and shoes. While some players stick to a basic equipment loadout, others tend to go with a more high-end kit. That being said, is high-quality golf gear necessary? 

The short answer is yes and no. Continue reading below to learn about high-quality golf gear and whether you need it while playing.

New Equipment Can Increase Distance

One of the game’s objectives is to hit the ball as far as possible. Achieving this is much easier if you have the latest and best equipment. Many pro golfers swear by the fact that they can’t hit the ball as far if they’re using outdated clubs. That said, you don’t need to invest in highly innovative products. 

For example, you can perform exceptionally well with traditional clubs. Like with Stitch Golf, a retailer that sells high-quality, vintage-style golf gear, players can get top-notch clubs that will drastically increase distance. 

Furthermore, the materials used to create golf clubs have changed significantly over the last couple of decades. Players are starting to realize that lighter clubs allow them to launch the ball across the fairway much easier. 

Better Equipment Could Help Beginners

Those that are looking to pick up golf could benefit from having high-quality gear. That being said, you don’t need to invest thousands of dollars on a complete set of clubs right off the bat. It’s usually recommended that novice players start with 8-10 clubs instead of the allowed set of 14. You can always add more clubs as you improve later on. 

However, having newer clubs will allow you to make the most out of your swings as you learn the ropes. Moreover, starting with the wrong equipment could severely hurt your development. Starting with heavy clubs may lead to bad habits, such as overcompensating when you swing. 

All you genuinely need are some clubs that are comfortable in your hands and are light enough to let you smash the ball along the fairway.

Brand New Isn’t Always Needed

It can be tempting to deck out your golfing arsenal with the newest available equipment, especially when your friend always shows up with the best brands and new irons every round. However, don’t let fancy names and price tags distract you from your primary mission – getting the ball in the hole as fast as possible. 

Golf gear is constantly changing, and keeping up with the new trends can be daunting. Instead, look for clubs and accessories that have tried and trusted reviews in the community. Doing so will ensure you’re getting gear that actually works and performs well.


Upgrading your golf gear can be fun. There’s nothing wrong with experimenting with new irons, gloves, balls, or bags. You could find the missing link you’ve been looking for to take a few strokes off your game. That being said, don’t become overwhelmed with all the new and expensive options. Focus on finding what works for you, and make changes whenever needed.