Emotional Djokovic breaks down after victory over Zverev

World No.1 Novak Djokovic broke down in tears following his victory over Alexander Zverev in the Adria Open exhibition tour event on Sunday.

Despite beating Zverev, Djokovic failed to progress into the next round of the event, which is sponsored by his own foundation.

Djokovic, Zverev and Filip Kranjinovic had similar win-loss ratio after the conclusion of round-robin matches but the latter entered the next round on the basis of best games differential out of the three players.

Djokovic, who broke down in tears after a win in his last match, stated he isn’t crying because he has been ousted from the tournament but because of the memories that came back while playing at the venue.

“I was very emotional on the court today. Childhood memories started flooding back, including those of growing up on these courts and playing here as a young boy,” Djokovic said after the end of the match as per Tennis.com.

“I was overwhelmed and those were tears of joy after the match. I try to give back to where I come from and be conscious of my childhood and my upbringing.

“This tennis was an epicentre of people from my childhood days getting together for this tournament, including my former coaches. They were all here,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Montenegro leg of the tour has been cancelled looking at coronavirus crisis. Djokovic confirmed the same to 4,000 spectators present at the venue.

“I am so sad for the Montenegro leg. We tried everything, but the borders are still not open and we don’t have time to organize it all.”