East Bengal players to approach AIFF seeking dues from QEBFC

East Bengal players to approach AIFF seeking dues from QEBFC

Several East Bengal players will knock the All India Football Federation (AIFF) Players’ Status Committee door asking for their due salaries which have remained unpaid by the club’s former investors.

Bengaluru-based Quess Corp terminated the agreement with city football heavyweights East Bengal on July 17 and gave back sporting rights to the club.

On April 25, Quess had activated the Force Majeure clause to unilaterally terminate all the contracts with effect from May 1.

The players, among whom some who had multi-year contracts with the club and others who have their one month salary pending, have already sent notice to Quess East Bengal, with whom they had contracts.

The players will now go to the AIFF Players’ Status Committee through their representative, the Football Players’ Association of India (FPAI).

“They sent the letter to Quess on Tuesday. They have now terminated their contracts with them and that needed to be informed. The delay in sending the notices was due to a clause in the players’ contracts, which said any correspondence would have to be sent physically. Now they will approach the AIFF Players’ Status Committee who will be the arbitrator in the matter of their pending dues,” a source close to the development told IANS.

“The letter to AIFF will be sent in a day or two,” the source added.

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