Early F1 Changes Look to Bring Excitement

F1 Changes

A few months have went by since the end of the season that saw Max Verstappen crowned the new drivers champion in a very controversial end to the season that seemed very typical Formula 1 fashion, and with quite the wait for the new season to start fans have been filling their time anyway they can taking advantage of alternative sites that allowed betting at wish casinos for example, speculating what the future of the sport could be and what may happen with missing drivers, and wondering if the same teams would remain on top following big regulation changes. With just a few weeks to go until the new season begins, many of the changes are already looking to bring excitement.

Masi replaced as race director One of the more recent adjustments has been the announcement that Michael Masi would be replaced as the race director for Formula 1 as the architect of the drama that ended the season, as well as having a number of questionable calls throughout the year, most fans will take this as a positive, and with more information yet to emerge regarding the FIA restructure, there could still be some other changes to come yet.

Big variation in car design With a huge package of regulation changes coming through including an entirely new chassis design, there was always going to be some dramatic differences between what is put out on to the track and whilst there will certainly be changes made from the current designs, a lot of variation is already showing. Some teams have been able to put more time into their 2022 car development too, so there are fan hopes that some of the back markers may be able to dramatically change their performance for this season.

End to Hamiltons silence looks good too Following the final race of the season, the 7-time champ Lewis Hamilton had taken a leave from social media and had committed to full radio silence and led to a lot of speculation around whether hed return to the sport with inflammatory headlines with speculation that he had become disillusion with the sport. With some returning images and looking more than happy to continue, Hamilton is set to have an exciting season with a new teammate, and with the hope hell have the fire to really chase the front for another very exciting season.

Testing will be shortly underway, and March 18th will be the date for the first practice session of the new season, and another packed calendar with a long racing schedule to follow.