Dhoni orders 2,000 black ‘Kadaknath’ chicks from Jhabua

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is set to farm famous black ‘Kadaknath’ chickens at his organic poultry unit because the former Indian cricket team captain has ordered for 2,000 chicks. The Kadaknath breed originally from Jhabua district of Madhya Pradesh will reach his Ranchi farm soon.

Dhoni’s order will be delivered by December 15 from tribal farmer Vinod Menda.

I.S. Tomar, director of the Kadaknath Murga Research Center in Jhabua, told reporters that Dhoni had initially contacted him through his friends but as he was not in a position to deliver, the former India captain was asked to contact the Thandla farmer.

The Kadaknath chicken meat has GI tag and is recognised for its delicious taste with black blood and black flesh. It is fat- and cholesterol-free.