CSL restart plans complicated by resurgence of COVID-19 in Beijing

Plans to restart the Chinese Super League has run into complications due to an outbreak of coronavirus in Beijing. A medical expert advising the country’s football association said that the schedule is still under discussion due to the outbreak.

“The potential coronavirus transmissions from Beijing makes it more complicated. I think CSL leaders are concerned about that and will keep changing the timetable,” Zhang Wenhong told the state-run news channel.

“European countries have made the decision to restart, because they believe … if they can keep coronavirus cases under control and the medical system is working well, it will be okay to restart the games,” he said.

“In China, however, our target is to keep the cases at near zero, so we are much more prudent and we still need more time.”

Originally scheduled to start in February, the CSL has been postponed indefinitely due to the pandemic.

The director of the Shanghai Administration of Sports told state news agency Xinhua this week that the CSL would resume in July, “if everything goes well.”

The CFA had earlier announced that they have hired three leading medical experts to provide advice on starting the new season, which was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.