COVID-19: Salute teachers for their hard work, says Sindhu

Badminton world champion P.V. Sindhu has thanked school and college teachers for their untiring work of providing education to students through online mediums during these tough COVID-19 times to ensure that the children of India do not lack behind.

Star shuttler Sindhu said she salutes their work and stressed that their efforts should be appreciated by all.

Online classes are part of the ‘new normal’ amid the pandemic which has claimed close to 15,000 lives in the country so far.

“Today, I was talking to my cousin and I asked him how he is studying during this lockdown,” Sindhu said in a video message which she posted on her Twitter handle.

“He told me that they were doing these online classes and they were also up to date in their syllabus which is a very good thing.

“And also they said that they were doing these physical fitness exercises, yoga meditation and other exercises. I was surprised to see the creativity and also imagination of the teachers and how fast teachers have adapted to these online classes and fitness exercises online.

“My teachers also really inspired me. I am thankful to school and college teachers. They all have inspired me. We all should salute all the teachers who have been working really hard and tirelessly to make sure children’s learning should go on. The teachers of India have been working really hard. We all should be very thankful,” she added.