COVID-19: FIFA allows players to play for three clubs in a season

COVID-19: FIFA allows players to play for three clubs in a season

In the wake of COVID-19 pandemic, FIFA has announced that players will be allowed to play for up to three clubs, instead of two, during the course of a season.

This temporary rule change has been brought by FIFA to alleviate the effects of the novel coronavirus pandemic on the sport.

“In order to avoid any concerns regarding unemployed players, players are permitted to be registered with a maximum of three clubs and are eligible to play in official matches for three clubs during the same season,” FIFA said in a statement on Thursday.

The sport’s governing body also said it would allow national associations to open their transfer window for the 2020/21 season before the current campaign has finished.

“In order to give priority to clubs to complete their (2019/20) season with their original squad, provide flexibility, and allow MAs to properly plan their football calendar, those associations following a dual-year calendar are permitted to commence the “first registration period” for the 2020/21 season prior to the completion of the 2019/20 season, subject to certain conditions.”

In order to provide financial relief to parties involved in disputes before FIFA, for any claim lodged between June 10, 2020 and December 31, 2020 (both inclusive), there will be no requirement to pay an advance of costs and no procedural costs shall be ordered, and for any claim lodged prior to June 10, 2020 which has yet to be decided, the maximum amount of the procedural costs shall be equivalent to any advance of costs paid, said FIFA.

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