Best eSports Betting Websites in 2020

Sports Betting

Many betters are interested in enjoying eSports. So, how to do this and what you will actually need? This form of betting is simple, popular and comes in a variety of options. Pick esport you like and enjoy. Keep in mind that a different betting site will offer different perks. Always place a bet on familiar eSports! We shall present the ultimate esports betting sites. Additionally, we will cover all specifics and main facts users should consider today.

eSports Betting: How To Do it?

Overall process is extremely simple. A player will create an account at the official site. He or she will add funds to this account. Common payment methods include VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, Skrill and etc. 

Once done, a player will bet on the outcome of a team. There are two or three options. Team A will win. Team B will win, or it will be a draw. Guessing the right results in winning a match. There are other possibilities available. They are:

  • Live- Betting once a match has started.
  • Handicap- How much a specific team will win or lose.
  • Combo- Betting on multiple matches.
  • Total- How many winnings or losses a team has in one event.
  • Outright- Result after one or multiple events.  

Betting on eSports: Is It legal?

Yes, it is perfectly legal. Keep in mind that gambling authorities will regulate sites of this kind. It is mandatory for a site to have license from MGA, UKGC or similar. In Canada, most states allow gambling of any kind at age 19. The matter cannot be generalized, so it is advised to check with local authorities.

Bets on eSports Using Promotions

As a new player, it is essential to use promotions and bonuses. Best examples include a free ticket. It is possible to enjoy all possible bets for free. Keep in mind that all sites will have various requirements that need to be met.

Additionally, we can add that newbies will get cashback (in some cases). Even if a better losses, he or she will win part of lost money back. This percentage is low but still appealing.

Last but not least is VIP. It is a loyalty program, and it basically means that if a user uses that site for longer, he or she will get additional benefits. These may include additional tickets, higher bonuses, better events and more.

Betting Sites: Simple Guide

The first thing to look for is a license from gambling authority. Each site needs at least one, although multiple is better. This suggests that a site is safe and should be used.

Always include promotions or offers available. These are common nowadays. The best examples are no deposit bonus, cashback, birthday bonuses, among others. All of them are considered as free money, and a user can enjoy them for simple gambling at that particular site.

Special and most popular type is a welcome deposit offer. A user will be rewarded with a match bonus at first deposit or first 4. Bonus match will vary and cannot be generalized. It ranges between 25% and 300%.


Placing and betting on eSports is an excellent method to have fun and possibly win big time. Take into account a site, offers and all we have discussed above. Master each sport before investing real money. Use strategies.

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