Australian Football League: An Overview

American football - ball

The Australian Football League (AFL) as we know it today started in 1990 and has a total of 18 different football teams. A season in the AFL consists of 23 rounds of “home and away games” and normally takes place from March to September. 

The fans & audience play a vital role in the AFL. Tipping competitions are very popular in Australia among friends and families. These types of competitions are excellent platforms for supporters to predict game scores and enjoy the ins and outs of the season. 


According to the AFL.com.au here some of the most significant events in the AFL’s history:  

  • In 1877 the VFA (Victorian Football Association) & SAFA (South Australian Football Association) were formed and operated as 8 team leagues.
  • The first national carnival of state leagues was held in 1908 and the game across Australia up to the late 1980s was primarily state-league focussed,
  • The expansions that happened in the span of a century brought it to where it is today in 1990 with teams based in five states of Australia, including Queensland, Western Australia, New South Wales, South Australia and Melbourne. 

Tipping Competitions

Fans love to immerse themselves personally through AFL tipping competitions where  they can have a crack at predicting scores, winning margins and becoming winners themselves. 

Right from the start of the session (home-away series) to the grand final, the audience can tip on every game. With the telecasting of the league matches, along with the live audience, a large number of audiences are engaged in this sort of competition.

Participation in tipping competitions is easy, the only thing you need to have a good good understanding of the season schedule, players, and team’s strengths and weaknesses. The better you know the teams the better your chances are. 

Keep in mind that throughout the season multiple websites and experts in the field will provide the public stats, tips and predictions you can use to improve your game 

Winning and tie-breaking

Sometimes participants get similar or the same score by making the same picks. In these cases, platforms conduct tie-breakers to choose a winner. 

On a tie-breaker, the players will be asked to pick a score, and the score with the smallest margin will be declared the winner of the competition.

Private and Public Competitions

In public competitions, players compete with a big number of people (national level), which is the most common way of competing. However, tipping can be made even more personal and exciting by competing with a closed set of friends and family, most popular online tipping websites offer a “create your own” type of features. 

Keep in mind that the rules of private competitions are generally the same as the public competition.