Australia Steps to Receive Indian Tourists Who Will Be Traveling During T20 Cricket World Cup

T20 Cricket World Cup

Australia will host the next T20 World Cup in Melbourne in 2020. The event is usually organized once in two years. However, this time championship is organized after the 4-year pause. The city and the whole country has already started preparation for this incredible event.

Even though the event is open for tourists from all around the world, Australia is also greatly focusing on attracting tourists from India. The Indian team will play a four-test series. The team will spend four months in Australia from October to January. The government expects it can be a reason to come for not only cricket fans but also for those, who have never been to Australia. Needless to say, Indian tourists are also looking forward to the championship. It is a great opportunity to visit the country and see the game. Most tourists are following updates on some cricket news to keep up with the preparation process.

The Australian government has confessed that it does no matter much who will win. It is a great opportunity to promote tourism especially among Eastern countries of the world. Australia has been already the country of interest for many Indian people. The Australian tourist market is considerably growing. Statistics says that last year the number of visitors from India reached almost 400, 000 visitors. The number has increased by 15% in 2019 in comparison to the previous year.

New Campaign to Attract Tourists

The country is looking forward to hosting tourists from India. The tourism industry is already working on ideas to make tournaments equally interesting for men and women. The campaign is aimed at attracting people of various ages and social backgrounds. Companies, representing the entertainment sector, are focusing on various entertaining programs, taking into consideration the national traditions of Indian. “When hosting people from culturally different countries, it is important to know their traditions in order not to offend them. It always helps show respect” says Simon Birmingham, Federal Minister of Tourism.

What is more, Australia is ready to spend 5 million dollars to attract tourists and cricket fans. The money will be invested in various sectors of tourism, including infrastructure and communication. Small private hotels are considering to include inscriptions in Indian or hire Indian personnel to assist Indian guests. The government believes that contribution will result in considerable income into the Australian economy.

Visa Simplification for Indian Travelers

Indian citizens need not apply for a visa to come to Australia. The procedure is rather long and can take up to 15 days. Immigration authorities say they will do their best to process applications quickly. The number of applicants will increase, which means that the time needed for visa application processing will increase too. Now the applicant does not have to stay in a long queue and wait for an interview. Applications can be submitted online. In order to avoid delays, the government will change the application process and assign more officers to process online visa applications efficiently. The number of tourists coming to Australia is growing every year. It has made the government think of introducing visa simplifications for a long time. It will be a new practice and the government hopes it can be applied in the future for similar international events. 

Do People Need an Additional Bank Holiday?

Some experts believe it is a good idea to introduce several bank holidays during the tournament. It will give an amazing opportunity to Australia people to, actually, go and watch cricket. Tickets are being sold out very quickly and many locals buy them without even knowing if they would go. As the event is huge and plays an essential role in the country, authorities are considering introducing additional bank holidays. If this will not become a case, numerous companies agree to give a day off for their employees. This is the first time Australia is hosting such a big cricket event. Australians confess to having a great desire to be a part of the event. Of course, most of them hope the hosting team will win. Even if it will not happen, it is a great opportunity to become a part of a historic moment.

Image credit: T20 Cricket World Cup via Allies Interactive/Shutterstock