Adidas plays like champion, enters no brand land for a social cause

Adidas recently made a historic retweet on Twitter and endorsed rival brand Nikes fight against racism. “For once, don’t do it”, said the Nike commercial. Playing like a champion, Adidas gave its nod to this commercial by taking up the message of competitors on its Twitter account.

Despite the risk involved, Adidas took a stand for everyone to see. The brand endorsed this fight against racism by retweeting: “Together is the way forward. Together is the way to change”.

Breaking the corporate mould, Adidas’s impromptu tweet not only showed their solidarity with Nike’s campaign, but also sent a strong signal against political process and its preparedness to become more involved in pressing for change to make the world a better place. Through this tweet, Adidas not only made history but also created a no brand land where all can come together to serve for a social cause.

In an overwhelming response, fans applauded the brand for the brave gesture and also suggested the two companies to collaborate on a special clothing line to bring their message everywhere.

Adidas has always been on forefront to endorse different worthy social issues, make socially conscious message and take interest in issues beyond profit. This matter of principle over profit sets them apart from their competitors.

Adidas has earlier along with Nike lent support to the LGBT cause in the form of special edition collections of sneakers and apparel. Along with Nike and Puma, Adidas also leads the way towards a toxic free future by committing to eliminate all discharges of hazardous chemicals throughout their supply chain and across the entire lifecycle of their products.

Rival corporate giants have earlier strategically planned and come together to inspire a generation to think differently for the betterment of world. Arch rivals Coca-Cola and PepsiCo set aside differences to encourage young people to become sustainability activists. They jointly created a digital platform for young people to take action against climate change.

Similarly, McDonalds and Burger King had put aside their long-time rivalry for a day as part of a brilliant marketing campaign, and all for a good cause. Argentina’s Burger King launched their Day Without Whopper’ in Buenos Aires where they stopped selling their signature Whopper burger and instead directed customers to their biggest competitor McDonalds in the hope of increasing the amount raised for Ronald McDonald House Charity in support for children with cancer.

Currently, Adidas retweet only further endorses that it’s just no longer a brand to do well, they work towards fulfilling their mission to do good. The brand has an incredible power to influence and their support of something like LGBT rights or black culture is commendable.

They are ready to collectively get connected with the people that are shaping the future and promote the ideas that they believe in and to be part of the solution.