9 Practical Tips To Win The Lottery – As Revealed By Experts

You have been trying your luck with lottery games for several years now, and yet you find yourself far from winning every single time.

On the other hand, there are certain people who go on winning for consecutive years, and if not that, then they win at least more than once in their lives.

Which makes you wonder and sometimes makes you extremely angry. Why can’t you be that person on the winning side?

Why can’t you hit a jackpot and become rich one day with your entire lottery winnings?

And if not rich, then why can’t you at least win once in your life, when all these winners are?

All these questions fill up your head with negativity and you find yourself cursing your fate or you doubt the authenticity of this whole thing that maybe these lottery games are rigged and only people with a resourceful background win at it.

But, these are all your speculations that are taking place because you are simply not able to get what you want so desperately.

We understand how frustrating all this must be for you, which is why we will be coming up with the ways and tricks to help you increase the chances of winning at the lottery.

Yes, you heard it right! There are some tips and tricks that can increase the likelihood of your win.

If there was not, the famous lottery king, Richard Lustig, would not have dedicated an entire book to how one can win the lottery.

So if you have ever idealized Richard for his amazing winning reputation and his determination that took him out of a huge debt, then you must also believe that one can actually improve his chances. 

And even if you are not one of them, and simply believe that only your fate decides your chances of winning a lottery, you will still find these tips helpful.

So, without further ado, let us make you the Richard Lustig of modern times.

What You Should Know To Win A Lottery?

Before you go about trying your luck with lottery games without knowing how it works, there are very low chances of you winning.

So, it is essential that you know what a lottery game is to have your way with numbers betting.

Lottery games are all about numbers. You first select numbers from a specific range that is assigned to that particular lottery.

Then you have to buy lottery tickets for your selected numbers, which are randomly selected.

If the winning number matches with your selected ones, you win!

Lastly, you also have to be careful of how many share the same selected set of numbers with you because the winning prize gets divided among all the contestants who have winning numbers.

Tips & Tricks To Win A Lottery

Now, let’s move on to the tips that we promised earlier we will be giving, and that will make you more informed and a bit of an expert even before you have your first experience of participating in a lottery game.

Tip 1:  Buy more than one ticket

The very basic way of increasing your winning chances is buying more and more tickets.

Now there is also a downside to it, which is a heavy investment.

The more you will buy tickets, the more you will have to spend your money.

But, it will be worth the investment once you win big.

With each more ticket in your pocket, your chances of winning increases more.

Tip 2: Choose the right games

The winning chances might be highly dependent on your fate or destiny, but you can also turn the tables with just a bit of mindfulness and wisdom.

There are many lottery games that you can choose from, that will offer different odds of winning.

Then there are many types of lottery contests that offer entirely different results. For example, state-level lottery draw is considered to be more winnable than national level draws because of its narrower pool of numbers.

Apart from that, choosing the right type of lottery game is also important. For instance, the little lotto is a better option in comparison to the grand lotto. And the reason for that is little lotto has a small playing field, which raises the odds of winning.

Nifty Fifty is also becoming the top choice of lottery enthusiast for all of its magnificent perks. It is a unique lottery game designed and introduced by Betfred that occurs three times a day and offers excellent odds.

If you want to increase your winning chances by tenfold, we would recommend you go for nifty fifty. And if you do, we would suggest you bet on 3 balls, no less and no more than that. This ensures high return upon winning and you are exposed to a minimum amount of loss.

Tip 3: Ensure proper security

This tip has more to do with the aftermath of the winning prize, that can be one of the most traumatizing and horrifying experiences.

Let’s say you have taken care of everything this time, chosen the right game, and bought multiple tickets, and then your lucky stars get into action and you win. But, you forgot to do one thing that cost you your entire hard-earned prize.

And that one thing is forgetting to sign your tickets. This may sound trivial right now, but if your ticket is not signed and you win on it, anyone can steal it from you easily.

Another thing to make sure is you must never trust the clerk so blindly that you hand over your ticket to him for the purpose of checking whether you won or not.

If the clerk turns out to be immoral, you may as well forget receiving the prize in the case of winning the lottery, because there are high chances that the clerk will use your ticket for his own benefit and might tell you false results.

Tip 4: Avail second chance games

Most people toss away their lottery tickets upon losing the first draw because there is obviously no point in keeping something that is of no use.

But, many contestants, who are usually new in this glorious lottery world, do not know that they can get second chances on the draw with the same ticket.

Yes, you have heard it right! That one ticket which proved to be useless and unlucky for you might actually be not that unlucky.

All you have to do is fill out a form, send it to the bookmaker, and wait for the approval.

Once approved, you get a bonus chance of playing again for the lottery with the same ticket, which means getting two chances of winning the lottery without having to pay for the second one.

Tip 5: Double-check the discarded tickets

Many lottery contestants throw away their tickets after losing but there is still a slight possibility that they might have made some mistake in checking results or they simply threw them away because they were not interested anymore.

Regardless of what the reason is, if you find any discarded ticket, there is no harm in trying your own luck with it.

Double-check the numbers on it and see the results, you might actually be in luck and probably get its prize.

There could also be a second chance opportunity available with those tickets that you will be able to avail, only if you take a leap of faith and try your luck with them.

Tip 6: Go Strategically

There are certain things that people do because they have been commonly practiced by lottery contestants for years, which verifies their authenticity and makes them a fitting way to go about playing lottery games.

But, the truth is, many of them hold no actual guarantee of lottery win and most of the time prove to be futile.

So, if you just go strategically and try to avoid doing these things, you might be at a better chance of winning.

The first thing you have to knock off is going for consecutive numbers. Try to mix and match and choose such numbers that total 104 to 176. Many studies have proved the futility of this approach as 70% of jackpots has been scored based on it.

The second thing you have to lay off is going for famous lottery games in hopes of getting a big win out of them. As everyone prefers famous lottery games, therefore the playing field gets bigger and resultantly decreases winning probability.

But if you play a less known lottery game, you have more chances of winning as there will be fewer players.

The third thing you should do to increase your chance of winning is choosing those numbers from the number pool that belong to different groups and do not share the same last digit.

Many people believe that either their’s or their loved ones’ birthday dates are lucky numbers for them which is why they usually choose those numbers from a number pool of lucky draws.

Choosing numbers based on someone’s birthday means people would choose from 1 to 31. Now if the majority of people are choosing from this range, there will be more prize shares that would ultimately decrease its worth as the winners would split the prize among them.

So, to increase the probability of winning the prize alone without having to share it with any other winner, you must choose a few numbers above 31.

Tip 7: Stop believing in software

While playing for lottery games, it is natural for every player to lean towards a few specific numbers because they find it uncommon or maybe they have a software pick it out for them.

But, you must know that no software can predict anything about a lucky draw and you must never rely entirely on them.

Each number present in the lottery number pool has equal chances of getting picked as a winning number.

Tip 8: Make a lottery pool

If you do not want to spend much on buying multiple tickets for the lucky draw but still hope to get some amount of the prize, the lottery syndicate is a good option for you.

In the lottery syndicate, the players come together with their money, buy tickets with them, and play together.

Any win in that pool means the prize will be shared with everyone participating in that lottery syndicate.

This is actually a good way to play the lottery if the truth be told because this way, no one has to spend much, and they still get something.

And even if there is no win, at least you would not have lost a huge investment that would be a case otherwise.

And, if your lottery pool scores a huge win, then nothing can be better than getting a huge prize for considerably a small investment.

So, if there is any method that can take lead here, it has to be a lottery syndicate.

Tips 9: Be Careful

Investing in a lottery is no joke. It may seem something that is not as huge as a traditional investment, but your money is still at stake here. 

And where there is money or any other valuable item involved, there are scammers.

You have to stay careful and look out for any possible swindle involvement as there are many organizations that trick you manipulatively.

You will come across many illegal lottery ticket sellers, liars, or greedy bookmakers. You just have to have an eye for them.

Many organizations ask for upfront money for the prize but you should know this is a complete fraud. You are never required to pay in advance for the prize you won.

Many scammers also utilize online platforms and give you too-good-to-be-true offers. But you should know that it is illegal to sell tickets through mail or any online platform.

Always remember that you do not get notified by bookies if you win, you have to check the numbers by yourself.

With that being said, we wish you luck and all the big wins for your future lotteries.

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