5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Basketball Shoes

Basketball Shoes

When you make the decision to buy basketball shoes you want to be sure that you get the perfect pair that meet your design and style needs in every way.

To get the best out of your basketball shoes there are a number of things to consider. Once you manage to tick all of those boxes you should end up with a pair of shoes that allows you to play your best game and deliver maximum comfort as well as performance.

Choosing the right upper

It is really important to understand the anatomy of a basketball shoe so that you can focus on specific aspects of the design that suit your requirements.

A top priority would be to decide what sort of height of shoe you want. They come in three sizes, from low to high. Each height will be suitable for a specific player. That’s why you need to know which one is right for you.

A high upper will wrap around your ankle and provide extra support and stability.

A mid-top basketball shoe is regarded as a happy medium solution. You get good ankle support without an enclosed design which some might find too restrictive.

If you are looking for decent speed and agility a low basketball shoe would be the right choice. The compromise is that this style of upper won’t offer much in the way of ankle support.

What sort of upper security do you want?

Upper security refers to the various closures available. The most popular of these is always going to be laces. You can also get shoes that have zippers or straps.

If you decide to add a further level of coverage beyond standard laces remember that this will add to the overall weight of the shoe.

Think about cushioning

The midsole of your shoe is where the design delivers the level of cushioning you want.

Understandably, this is a key element of your selection process. Cushioning technologies can vary across brands. Make sure that your basketball shoe delivers the required support in the heel and forefoot area.

Balance and traction

The next area to look at is the outsole. Your shoe’s outsole is the key point of traction and it is often best to look for a design that is both flat and wide. This should allow you to enjoy maximum balance and grip.

It is also relevant to choose a shoe for the right environment. The majority of basketball shoes are designed for indoor use. If you are playing on an outdoor court make sure you choose a model that offers a thicker outsole.

Look and feel good on the court

The perfect combination is a basketball shoe that offers great performance characteristics as well as looking amazing at the same time.

Aesthetics are important. It can make you feel good when you step out in a pair of basketball shoes that really make a statement. Choose wisely and you can have everything you want from your basketball shoe so that you can take your game to the next level.