5 Sports apps for Android

Sports apps

Following your favourite sports has never been easier thanks to modern-day technology. Gone are the days of missing a match because you were at work, had plans, or didn’t have the channel to watch it. With our mobile phones now acting as handheld computers, and sports apps, you can follow almost every match no matter the time of day in real-time.

There are hundreds of sports apps for android devices available. So how do you choose a sports app?

First, you need to decide what you want from the sports app, as there are apps just for following certain sports, some that offer chat rooms and predictions, some that live stream and some that you can place bets on. This article looks at 5 sports apps that do not offer betting. However, if you want to bet, check out the top betting apps list in the link.

BBC Sports

The BBC Sport app can be downloaded free from the Google Play store and is only available for Android version 5.0 and above. It only takes seconds to download and install, and once you have it running, you can get all the latest news, score updates, game highlights and even live stream your favourite team’s matches. You can personalise this app on the “my sports” page, where you list all the sports and matches you want to be updated on and get the news on these topics. You can also set reminders and get notifications when a match starts. The Chromecast feature is super handy and lets you cast the highlights or live stream to any device or TV that supports casting. Sharing the latest score or news on social media is possible since the app has one-click sharing options.


365Scores app is one of the most popular apps for sports out there. It can also be downloaded and installed in seconds. This app lets you pick your favourite teams, athletes, and sports to get instant notifications for the latest news. While 365Score lets you choose 10 sports to focus on, it can also provide information on over 2000 competitions worldwide. It’s available in over 20 languages, a live tracker, scoreboards, and a buzz stream feature that allows you to catch up on all the missed highlights of the day.

The Bleacher Report

The Bleacher Report app keeps the user up to date with all the sports news found on the web in one handy place. You can select many sports, players and teams to get to-the-minute push notifications. Its highly customisable, so you can get sports updates, news, and live scores on a specific team or athlete in the “my sport” section. You can bookmark, comment and share your favourite articles and news on various social media platforms.


LiveScore has been around since 1998 and is loved by thousands of sports fans since this app has indeed stood the test of time. It provides some of the fastest updates in the market and is not just user-friendly but also highly customisable. This app gives the option of running commentary if the match offers it. You can get live scores on several sports simultaneously and discover other competitions worldwide based on your interests. There is also a calendar feature that can be used in fantasy football matches and keep track of all the upcoming action.


SofaScore is not just for football fans. This app can keep you updated on 25 sports, and as a big bonus, you can synchronise it to your android watch for real-time updates. The SofaScore app can be downloaded to any android device and has a highly user-friendly interface where you can get graphs, scores, news, video clips of the latest score and live streaming. You can also chat with fellow fans in the chat rooms and do quizzes. There are season statistics features and a battle draft game integration which is highly entertaining.

As seen from the above apps, most offer up-to-date news and scores, and most apps have some form of live streaming available. Before downloading an app, we suggest checking out the reviews and what the features are for each app. Some apps have in-app purchases and subscriptions to look out for. Always check if the sports app covers your favourite sport, so you aren’t disappointed.