5 Myths About Virtual Horse Racing

Virtual Horse Racing

Virtual horse racing remains an online betting sensation in recent years, and it is not too difficult to see why. Virtual horse races allow punters to place bets on computer-generated simulations of horse races at virtual race tracks every couple of minutes throughout the day. These races offer juicy odds coupled with convenience, so you don’t have to take a trip to the bookies. However, there are numerous misconceptions regarding virtual horse racing, holding many punters back from exploring this exciting betting game. Below are five myths about virtual horse racing you should know about.

  • You Can Predict Outcomes With Statistics

It isn’t uncommon to want to research your preferred horse’s previous form before making the final call on backing it. However, each race is a random, computer-generated event, so there is no form guide you can look at to make your choice more convincing. Nevertheless, you can always boost your chances of winning by backing the race each way, so consider placing an each-way bet on your horse to increase your prospects of getting returns.

  • It Doesn’t Vary From Real Horse Racing Significantly

According to experts, it is surprisingly easy to associate virtual horse racing betting with actual racing mentally. Both stimulate the brain in similar ways, from the sights and sounds of the racing experience to how you feel when you lose or win. Therefore, it is always best to understand that virtual horse racing is pure gambling while real-world horse racing involves some elements of skill. Also, digital horse racing betting is faster-paced and always available. With this in mind, you can accept the risk involved in betting on simulated races and keep the two mentally separated.

  • Outcomes Are Fixed

Fixed outcomes are perhaps the most significant myths many people believe about virtual horse racing due to its digital nature. Since the software is in charge of the outcome, it is often assumed to be manipulated to offer bookies an unfair advantage. However, this form of manipulation is unlikely since a random number generator (RNG) powers the results, so there is no place for corruption. Also, registered bookies are audited and regulated by third-party gambling commissions, so they risk losing their licenses should they be guilty of participating in these underhand activities.

In addition, the immense public outcry and the PR nightmare that will accompany being caught cheating is enough to dissuade many bookers from playing dirty. Finally, the overround method used to calculate virtual racehorse odds is profitable for bookies, so there is no need to engage in trickery.

  • It Is For Experts Only

Many people assume that virtual horse racing is a complicated endeavour that is best left to experts who understand it the most. However, virtual horse racing doesn’t demand complete and up-to-date knowledge of real-life horse racing facts or statistics. As such, you can work with the odds you receive without doing any additional research. In addition, the interface of these softwares is typically easy to understand, so you can readily explore virtual horse racing even as a novice.

  • You Can Enjoy A Long Winning Streak

It is easy to win two or three bets in virtual horse racing and assume you have the luck of the Irish. However, if you are not cautious, you can exceed your win or loss limits in no time. Consequently, it is always best to gamble in moderation and walk away with your winnings since you are more likely to lose your winnings than increase them anytime you bet again.