5 Free Cricket Betting Tips

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in today’s world and, as a consequence, betting in cricket has become a lucrative prospect for many professional gamblers and enthusiasts alike. However, for the majority of punters, gambling is new; they have little or no expertise in any form of gambling. It is for these people for whom free cricket betting tips will be most useful, and this article elaborates some such advice.

What Should You Know?

With any sport, the most important thing you should know is how the game is played: the rules and regulations, players, teams, formats and so on. All this information is available online for free, as well as statistics and trends about the team or player you favour. It is always good to know their performance consistency, strengths, and weaknesses and other information about a particular match as such as the pitch and weather conditions. In case you feel you are not qualified enough to make judgements on your own, you will find expert opinions on match predictions by reading online blogs and sports websites before specific matches or tournaments.

Betting Online

  1. Online Gambling Sites are Relatively Safer

Offline and online betting, both, exist for cricket, but for those who are new to betting, taking part in the best online betting sites is the safest option. First, make sure cricket gambling – in any form – is allowed in your country or state and then check if the particular site you’ve chosen accepts people from your country. Legal gambling sites have a certificate from a government authority that guarantees the fairness of play and players’ protection. Moreover, online websites, including the best live betting sites, put up all their rules and disclaimers to remain transparent about their process.

  1. What’s the best site?

There is no single site that might cater to all your requirements but here is some free advice: look for the most reliable sites based on best reviews and ratings and those which give you the best bonuses and benefits. Most of the best online betting sites offer bonuses and promotions for new gamblers as a marketing move.

You can also place live bets: some of the best live betting sites allow you to put money or modify bets on a particular team or player as the game is going on.

  1. Managing Your Money

The betting platform is virtual, but the money is real. The simple tip to keep in mind, especially if you are new is to always bet with a fixed budget; this prevents you from getting addicted because it caps your losses.

  1. Check the Site’s Payout Options

Different betting sites will have different methods and policies for the payouts. You should read all the terms and conditions associated with the payment options and in particular, pay attention to the duration after which you will be paid and in what form (e-wallet, online banking etc.).

  1. Minimise Risk

There are a lot of strategies you can come up with or follow as to how you can minimise the risk of losing money. Different types of bets – match, player and series bets – have different criteria, payoffs and threats. A common strategy is to distribute your wager among multiple teams of players instead of placing all bets just on one.


So, if you are a newcomer to the domain of cricket betting, register in some of the best online betting sites and set up your account. Cricket data is available for free for you to browse and read the other free tips will give you a good start in cricket betting.

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