5 Best Places in Europe for Golf Fans

Golf Fans

Golfers love to play their games in serene and beautiful places. And with holiday season setting in, it is that time everyone sought the best destinations for the love of them. You should, therefore, start by asking a few questions.

For example, apart from Laguna Golf Course, which other golf resorts and destinations in Europe should be in your bucket list?  Also, how is your golfing schedule this winter? Will it allow you to travel far and wide to play in and around Europe? In this post, we answer these questions by exploring the top five best places in Europe for gold fans so keep reading to find out more. 

1. Trump Turnberry-Scotland

Let’s face it. When speaking in golfing terms, Scotland is always going to be up in a list of the best destinations in Europe. This place once hosted a historic British Open in 1977 that pitted famous golfers against each other. That notwithstanding, you should remember that Scotland plays host to some of the world’s renowned golf legends.

Playing at Trump Turnberry will refresh your memories, even as you catch a beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean and Ailsa Craig Rock. While in Scotland, you should remember to catch a match or two at the famed St. Andrews-A place like no other. St. Andrews is a Scottish gold home.

2. The K Club in Ireland

In recent years, golf has increasingly become a popular sport in Ireland, especially in the capital, Dublin. The K Club is today’s maiden name among the country’s most sought-after golfing destinations.  It is not just about golfing that takes place here. Among other activities, you get to enjoy this spectacular destination are fishing, riding, Spa and other luxurious holiday packages.

The K Club is located on the state-of-the-art home to Straffan House and has now become the country’s iconic golf course, trouncing the Ring of Kerry. For many years, the Ring of Kerry was Ireland’s pride of golfers.

3. San Lorenzo, Portugal

When it comes to the best golf courses in the world, Portugal’s San Lorenzo should never miss from your list. It is not only the best in the county but also one of Europe’s most sought-after golf courses. It is situated along a beautiful coastline, providing golfers with a picturesque view of wonderlands beyond. The scenic location is home to some of the world’s golf stars.

4. Celtic Manor in Wales

Celtic Manor plays host to popular golf championship courses.  It is the place to be if you are looking to play and stay. You should remember than in 2010, Celtic Manor hosted Ryder Cup. It sits high among the best places for golf fans in Europe. The surrounding provides golfers with a picturesque view of Welsh hills, vales, England in the distant horizon and many other beautiful sightings.

5. Wentworth Gold Club in England

Almost every country in Europe has a beautiful gold course, but if you are looking for the best of the best, Wentworth Golf Club in England epitomizes your search. It is only a few minutes from London and features several popular golf courses in the country. Talk about Swinley Forest, St. Georges Hill, Sunningdale, and the Berkshire, Wentworth is home to some of the best golf clubs and courses in Europe.

Final Words

There are many top golf destinations in Europe. And so, if you are a fan of the game, make a date with any of them this season or the next. It is, undoubtedly, going to be an experience you will take down the memory lane. There is no other better experience than ever came closer to playing or watching golf in these places.

Image credit: Golf Fans via Mikael Damkier/Shutterstock