5 Best Baseball Players of all Time


Baseball has been one of the most popular sports in the world. Moreover, MBL Major League Baseball has become a rage since its inception in Cincinnati in 1876. 

Do you ever wonder who are the best Baseball players in the world? The players who still manage to amaze us with their records? Learning about the best players and other data like MLB picks today can make a better baseball fan or a bettor.

Let us find out in this blog post. 

Roger Clemens

Roger Clemens has been one of the most agile pitchers so far. He got 7 Cy Young Awards for the best picture of the year. He threw 4,672 strikeouts, which is the 3rd most of all time. Apart from this, he also became one of the first baseballers who won the League MVP Award. He is a true legend who is hard to match. 

Koji Uehara

This NPB (Nippon Professional Baseball) legend needs no introduction. With a brilliant 101 batters in just 73 games, 0.565 WHIP, and 1.09 ERA, this player is one of the greatest baseball players with a keen eye for the ball. His last season was in 2017 with the Chicago Clubs. 

Ty Cobb

Ty Cobb was a highly talented baseball player that led the AL American League almost 12 times in his entire 24- year career span. With 4,189 hits, 892 stolen bases, and 2,246 runs, he bid goodbye to the game in 1928. Players who want to make it big in this field should learn the nuances of baseball from Ty Cobb.

Ted Williams

Meet the greatest hitter that ever lived on the earth, Ted Williams. His lifetime on-base percentage of .482 is still the highest of all time. Moreover, he has secured his place in the top 20 in runs batted in, total runs scored, and home runs. He is truly a baseball legend. 

Willie Mays

With a massive 3,283 hits, 1903 runs batted, and 660 home runs, Willie Mays remains one of the greatest and most celebrated baseball players of all time. He was probably one of the rare sportspersons who won 12 consecutive Gold Glove Awards from 1957 to 1968. Many budding baseball players look up to this legend and take inspiration from his style of game. 

These were the top five Baseball players of all time that still charm the world with their outstanding records and accomplishments.