3 Best Yoga Studio Software and Buyers’ Guide

Acuity Scheduling

Fail-proof personal assistant Schedule only better Works 24/7 behind the scenes Take heaps of work off the plate Add clients to yoga mat Automatically customized booking confirmations send Deliver reminders Reschedule on own Process payments Day-to-day runs smoother

My PT Hub

Online web and mobile app Enabling personal trainers Coaches gym owners Manage clients Create customizable training & nutrition programs Tracking achievement Billing admin Messaging software Need for 4-5 apps Everything comes at one place Don’t charge extra to let business grow 


Free yoga studio management platform Cloud mobile open source Run yoga studio or a photo studio Make business more effective Client management Sales Employee Document management Time & scheduling tools Requires no IT administrator

Yoga Studio Software

Yoga Studio Software streamlines the administrative works common to running a studio, for classes to run efficiently without a hitch. The solution assists eliminate the heavy books that many studios utilize to maintain the staff, clients, contacts etc.

Yoga studio solution is the reply to handling class schedules, customer details, reminders, staff payments and the tons of information which yoga studios does every day. By removing the requirement to get and maintain paper records, the software makes it easy for owners to stay updated about every instructor, class, and client. It also offers self-service tools for clients, that will improve the productivity and enhance the satisfaction. Yoga studio software give clients sign up for new classes, book slots, renew old membership etc.

Some sellers also offer point of sale (POS) functionality, that can help studios easily sell items like yoga mats, water bottles, clothing and accessories & more. Yoga studio software permits business owners to be in better control of the work of the studio. Many software options also provide tablet and smartphone apps, meaning which business owners can easily operate and manage tasks from far off remote places or while they’re on the go.

Features of Yoga Studio Software

Client management : Manages and organizes various segments of clients, like whether they’re recurring or irregular, or new or old clients. The members can be categorized according to the classes and levels like that of beginner, expert or recreational, for handy and easy management. This way, you can make task available by assigning them to those who are relevant in terms of class and teacher.

Online booking : Provides clients the ability to book slots online by themselves, helping them control of the schedules and availabilities. You can register and pay for new workshops or classes in addition to booking slots for regular classes.

Class scheduling : Automating the process of scheduling classes. Changes which can be made and these can be sent to studio clients and staff in real time.

Staff management : Managing the instructors, the wages, classes, and communication thereof, from one given dashboard. Setting up the primary and backup instructor for each class, so that classes don’t have to be cancelled. Also, ensure staff are paid on time based on every class, week or month based on preference.

Communication and marketing : Include automated reminders for upcoming workshops, class schedules, promos, payments due etc. Helps to promote business using social media, email, media, push notifications, etc., for clients and potential students get offers and new classes.

Point-of-sale functionality : Permits yoga studios to get payments from existing customers while they renew and from new members. POS or Point-of-sale hardware permits staff to swipe credit cards. Many of sellers bundle it with the respective software, too.

Reports and analysis : The feature offers crucial insights into how the business is performing and answers to tough questions, like whether the class scheduling is efficient, how much revenue is generated versus expenses incurred, opportunities to cut prices and more.

Pricing and Buying Options

Most sellers try to provide simplified pricing options to cater to small studios and large chains. They have tiered options based on the features provided: the more complex the requirements, the more features needed and therefore, the more is to be paid. But, the basic versions are generally sufficient for merge studios. Many sellers provide mobile apps or integrations with website or Facebook page. This permits to receive payments from the channels, which provides clients the flexibility to utilize the channel they are comfortable with. A few sellers permit to have unlimited students or instructors per studio, but provide only the very basic features such as staff management, data storage and website integration. The option suits every business that already have a CRM solution for clients or appointment scheduling apps. It may lack specific features to manage yoga studio. They simply helps in integration of the yoga studio software with the pre-existing systems.

While choosing a seller  and pricing package, you can opt to pay per month, known as subscription pricing. However, user can also do a signing of a contract for a year or quarter, which permits to negotiate with the seller for revised pricing. User can even customize the packages for not to pay for features user doesn’t require.

Yoga Studio Software Buyers

Buyers in the category can be broadly classified into the following three different types:

Personal yoga trainer: While user falls into this category, there can be also standalone personal training software which the user can check out. The most crucial features for types of buyers are client appointment scheduling and management. Some software permit user in creating a detailed client profile listing the contact details, training level, renewal due date and payments made, membership details, to easily manage them.

Single studio owner: Various  businesses require a lot more features than personal yoga trainers do, as they have to manage a lot more. A single space requires efficient scheduling of classes and staff management.

Multiple studio owner: Those types of buyers would need detailed dashboards and reports for analyzing how every studio is performing. The focus must be on to make sure that marketing campaigns are run efficiently, finances are accurate, classes are run smoothly, new instructors are trained quicker, etc. They require to be able to manage the complete network of yoga studios from the desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Benefits of Yoga Studio Software

Save scheduling time: This is the biggest benefit of using yoga studio software. You have to update the schedule in real time and clearly text or email the instructors. It takes care of communication and make it least bit of disruption to the classes. With instructors on standby, user can continue classes without cancellations. Also, when a customer is late, user can adjust to a later class when the free slots are available.

Communicate with clients easily: User can send quick and easy notifications thru the text/email or app clients with just a press. Many solutions permits to automate messages so as to contact multiple people at once. In case, a client who has been missing classes, user can email him/her for they’re being missed and may add a discount to a product or a free class to get the client back.

Engage the clients with direct marketing: Advertise new classes, workshops, seminars, products, or affiliate businesses utilizing the marketing feature, which is included in many solutions. User can choose the kind of campaign to run (text, email, mixed channels or push notification), when to make it recurring and the time to resend them.

Organize the business: Reporting and analysis can organize user understand how each function is performing. Any instructor if is irregular with classes, what is the percentage of attendance of each class and how many prospective clients have become regulars, etc. A graphical view of the performance of the yoga studio is assisting  in figuring out which area requires immediate improvements.

Earn money with streamlined processes: User can provide focus on increasing revenue by attracting more customers through marketing with a streamlined business. The mobile characteristics will let the user know how to manage the business from anywhere, which leaves the user free to spread the word about studio at health and wellness retreats, conferences, etc.

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