Yes, Lawyers Need Apps Too

The first image that comes to mind when one thinks of a lawyer is a chamber full of frighteningly thick books, files, and a great deal of papers. Has the Paperless Revolution completely sidetracked this esteemed profession?

Apparently, the apps industry asked itself the same question, and came out with a truckload of wicked little tools to help lawyers, paralegals, and students of law get on with their work without being shackled to a library.

Have a look at 25 awesome apps for your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch, that can make your life as a legal professional much, much easier.

The Constitution
The Foundation of the American democracy lies in a huge tome of a book, but this application makes the Constitution of theUnited States of America available at your fingertips. Just swish it out of your pocket whenever you feel the need to consult the Founding Fathers.

The Bill of Rights
If you are referring to the Constitution, you will probably need the Bill of Rights eventually. This application ensures that you will not have to run around looking for a copy.

Yes, this is what you think it is- an entire law library for quick reference to federal rules and regulation. The states ofTexas,New York, and California are currently available, but 12 more states are in the pipeline.

Themis Bar Review
This is a tool law students cannot afford to forego. When the Bar Exams are breathing down your necks, utilize every moment by revising what you studied through this app, wherever you are.

Law School Q&A Series
 Brought to you by Lexisnexis, this application allows you to take as many practice exams as you need and gives you your score. In conjugation with the previous application, this provides a goldmine of help for students about to appear for law exams.

MBE Flashcards
Yet another study tool, this software uses videos and flashcards to help users prepare for the Multi State Exams. It is free, but for a limited time only.

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, Courtlink allows you to stay in touch with the court. You can receive alerts for new cases in an incredibly short time, and be updated from minute to minute about developments in cases.

Black’s Law Dictionary
Including over 45,000 terms and 3000 quotations, this 9th edition dictionary application is a must-have for professional practitioners.

Legal-Ease : Non Disclosure Agreement
You never know when you might need to exchange an NDA with a collaborator. This is no longer a problem as any iPhone with this application can tap out a personalized NDA and exchange it with another iPhone by simply bumping them together.

Fastcase is a research tool that has cases and statutes from all 50 states and from the federal government, which can be referred to by the user by searching keywords or citations.

Named the #1 new product of 2011, this application makes trial management a piece of cake, by organizing evidence, managing exhibits, and documenting witnesses.

Yet another reference tool, Lawstack brings the whole collection of Federal Rules and State Codes to your fingers, for easy reference in a flash.

This Jury Observation tool lets legal professionals understand and predict jury behavior with more accuracy.

Use this application to call up any legal document from a comprehensive Westlaw database, at no expense.

This application links you to the American Bar Association Journal, updating you about legal news as and when it happens.

If you’ve set your eyes on the LSAT this year, you’ll probably need this application to help you prepare and revise. The extremely high standard of questions make the $19.99 totally worthwhile.

 When you need information immediately, Lawbox is your best bet. Access Federal Rules and State Codes in the blink of an eye, and for free.

Court Days Pro
This calendaring application helps attorneys organize and schedule by calculating dates and deadlines. With this application, legal professionals no longer need to worry about remembering follow-up events.

An amazing application for professionals undergoing Continuing Education, ICLE helps the user keep track of what classes they are taking, and how they are doing in each.

Real Time Congress
Because a legal professional needs to stay updated, this application informs the user about new legislations and changes in existing legislations almost as soon as they happen.

Another intelligent Trail Management application, Evidence allows Trial Attorneys to manage their evidence data without any confusion, by preparing image based presentations.

American Lawyer
This app lets you read the most trusted legal magazine in the country, wherever you are, at no expense.

Create Litigation Documents quickly and cleanly with this application, much faster than office software will allow you.

This application is a law library that allows users to refer to federal and local regulations instantly.

This software lets you organize juror information for up to 60 jurors, so that you access such information at a moments notice when you need it.

Source : Onlinecollege.org