Wrike is Online Software for Project Management That is Easy to Use

Businesses of various sizes will always have projects which they must manage, and investing in project management software becomes not just ideal but quite necessary. Wrike provides project management software and is quite flexible as it provides general task management along with collaboration tools for teams.

It gives small businesses and enterprises  a centralized hub where their employees can work together and also manage resources they must access. Wrike’s major selling point is that it is quick to set up and  doesn’t need extensive training for new users.

Pricing and Plans

Wrike provides various tiers of service along with a free plan. The free account provides support to five users with an  unlimited number of collaborators. These collaborators have separate permission levels, which are different from what regular users have. They can easily discuss the project but are not allowed to create or edit any task. The free account doesn’t come with any limit on number of projects that can be created and it comes with 2 GB of storage space.

Only some of the online project management software providers have a truly free account and those which do have it often come with many strict limitations. In this regard, Wrike is no exception especially in terms of feature limitations but it’s still quite generous when it comes to projects that can be created for free.

The next tier of service is the Professional plan and its pricing depends on number of  users. Wrike Professional for five users costs $50 per user per month in case you pay for an annual subscription. A plan of 10 users costs $100 per user per month when paid annually and $150 per user per month for 15 users. All Professional plans provide 5 GB of storage space although you can buy more. Additionally it supports Google Drive, Box, Dropbox and OneDrive integration so you can expand storage space.

All Professional accounts have similar basic features along with support. These plans allow an unlimited number of collaborators along with unlimited folder levels. They also include a Gantt chart online, search filters, customizable dashboards and many other features. Wrike Professional also allow users to integrate with other business apps such as Google apps, Excel and more.

The final tier is called Wrike Enterprise.  For this plan, you have to contact Wrike to get a price estimate. An enterprise account comes with at least five users but can support up to thousands of users. The Enterprise accounts come with 100 GB of storage space.

Interface Design

Wrike comes with a contemporary look and is clean with heavy grey and blue tones. The text size could have been larger but it is quite simple and also straightforward. Wrike also provides a free app on Android as well as an iOS project management app. On these platforms, Wrike is well optimized to work both on smartphones and tablets.


  1. Wrike is certainly different from other similar apps as it doesn’t only stick to project management. It also crosses into task management territory and can do more, too. Along with project management, Wrike also allows you to create folders for storing everything from ideas to text notes or even bookmarks.
  2. In Wrike, one can create projects and then begin populating it with different tasks. Users can assign responsibility of these tasks to other people, adjust deadlines, add comments related to the task, upload files, and allow many more things. Other team members can easily create their own tasks and delegate assignments while having visibility into workloads as well as the entire project plan. Wrike’s default setting allows you to keep information quite private. But sharing tasks and folders is as easy as one click. In Wrike, you can intentionally add people to join your projects once they have become part of the team.
  3. In case the work that you wish to manage isn’t a project then you can create a folder in its place. Folders can have subfolders. Projects can be organized within folders. You can also have a folder for any particular department or client and all of the projects and general work for a particular department can be nested in projects and subfolders.
  4. Like most other the online project management platforms, Wrike allows you to create dependencies between the various tasks and allow people to estimate how much time it will take to get completed. It also allows you to keep track of time spent on tasks via a built-in timer within the app. The Gantt chart online provides you the ability to see these different tasks and the project schedule in more visual way rather than appearing in a text list.
  5. Wrike provides you great options for assigning due dates as well as recurring dates. Any task’s deadline can be set on a specific day and you can also set the project duration to last over several days or weeks. However, the task can’t be set on a particular hour of a given day.
  6. Wrike’s Gantt chart view is called the Timeline, and it’s quite interactive, which means you can drag-and-drop items to change the duration. A major portion of this web-based app is based on click-and-type input.
  7. Usually, Wrike’s interface is oriented towards activity streams and lists. Reports in Wrike are in the form of lists in place of graphs and charts.
  8. Although Wrike has social media feel, it doesn’t have any built-in chat app that other work management platforms offer these days.
  9. One of the unique features in Wrike is the ability to star any task and turn it into a favorite. This way you keep important tasks in your left-hand menu for easy access.
  10. Another important feature is its Document Editor which you can download and install locally on your computer. This allows you to edit Microsoft Office files and even markup images without launching of other applications. Within Wrike, you can open any file which has been uploaded, make the desired changes or annotations and then close it. Wrike also keeps track of version history and automatically saves different versions of the document in the the same location where the original is stored. It easily works with Microsoft Office files, PDFs, PNGs, JPGs, and OpenOffice files.

When You Need a Project Management App Yesterday, Choose Wrike

Because of its quick setup and great ability to integrate with other tools (whether through Zapier or APIs), Wrike is an excellent choice for businesses that need to start managing projects pronto. It doesn’t have every feature under the sun, and it’s more likely to show you lists and feeds than graphs and charts, but if that’s your cup of tea, it’s a powerful tool offered at a fair price for small businesses.