Workintool Image Converter For Windows Review 2022

Workintool Image Converter

Workintool Image Converter is a kind of file converter that converts one image file format like a JPG, BMP, or TIF into another.

Therefore, if you are unable to use a photo, graphic, or any image file the way you’d like because the format isn’t supported, Workintool Image Converter software can help.

Workintool Image Converter 

  • The free image converter software 
  • No need for expensive software or subscriptions 
  • Online image editing services. 

Review on Workintool Image Converter

Workintool Image Converter has a software size of above 100MB, it’s completely justified when comparing it to several features that one can get from this software. Interestingly, Workintool doesn’t require any installation, and you can run the tool from your portable thumb drive as well.

Once you run the Workintool Image Converter, you will be presented with a familiar-looking interface with various choices on either side of the screen and medium screen for your image editing and converting purpose.

  • Change Output Image Format: You can manually convert one image at a time or bulk convert photos into selected output format in one go.
  • Output Format: The option to set the original folder as an output folder or select a different destination is also offered.
  • Feature Conversion: It offers different conversions of images from one format to another format.
  • Convert Images: Drag and drop an image of a simple select folder containing images. Once you have added desired photos, you are presented with the option to select the output format for each picture along with its original form. You can choose eight select output formats for individual images or bulk assign output formats for all the selected photos in one go.
  • Convert HEIC: Apple devices like iPhone, by default, accept photos and save them into HEIC  (High-efficiency image file) format. Therefore, most Apple users often look for HEIC to jpeg or other image format converters. Workintool Image Converter offers a dedicated feature to let you convert all your HEIC or HEIF images to another file format.
  • Convert RAW: Photographers or people working in the media industry need to bulk convert RAW images into the individual proprietary image file format of digital camera companies like Canon, Fuji. With this software, you can bulk convert RAW images into any desired file format quickly with a few clicks.
  • Make ID Photo: Drag and drop the image, and this software will automatically detect the background and let you replace it with a solid color like blue, white or red, or any other that you would need. The tool accurately detects the photo’s background and saves tons of hours of editing work required in Photoshop.
  • Remove Watermark: Use brush or selection mode to keep the watermark area, press the remove watermark button, and let the software do its magic.
  • Add Watermark: Enjoy bulking watermarking images with your name or logo? Then, adding a watermark is precisely what does that.
  • Picture ToolBox: While the significant image conversion features are already covered, the Workintool image converter also has nifty features that one may need while functioning with images.
  • Matting: Matting is one exciting feature offered by Workintool Image converter. Matting is a strategy of detecting alpha matte that determines how pixels affect the image background. You can remove background from any images, be it a person or object’s photos, and replace it with any solid color you want. Identical stuff is also available as online services. With Workintool Image converter, you get the characteristic for absolutely free, and you can process as many photos as you like.
  • Edit Images: From rotating to image resizing, cropping, or adding stickers text, you can see all sorts of features you will ever need. You can also apply various filters, frames, or different image blur styles. Another exciting part you get is superimposing images with different types and moods.

Edit Pictures for Fun

This group of features is purely for fun purposes and comes in handy when you require them most.

Photo Restoration

  • Color Antique Pictures – This feature allows you to color black and white photos.
  • Restore Old Photos – This fortune may come very convenient when you desire to restore white printed old black and photos from an album to color photos.
  • Enlarge Image Size – broaden small images into large sizes without pixelating them.
  • Fix Facial Blur – With the help of the Fix Facial blue feature, you can re-adjust it and have them useful.

Special Effects

  • Pic Collage: Quickly convert set-off photos into nice and beautiful picture collages with a pic collage generator. You get to select canvas size, space, frame ratio, & different templates. You can also rearrange images within the college as per your liking or set solid color background and frame of your choice.
  • Cartoonize Photo and Change Gender feature: You are old and desire to reminisce your good old days; use the you, then yourself to make your photos look younger versions of yourself. Wish to see how you will examine when you grow old; Age yourself feature will convert your young images into a more aged version of you.
Final Review

After a long time, we have come across software specific to image conversion that offers tons of features. The Workintool Image Converter is designed so that one can use it without messing around or having to go through a learning curve.