Wondershare†Fotophire Editing Toolkit Review


With Adobe adopting subscription-based model, most of the amateur photographers are now busy looking for different photo-editing alternatives which are reasonably priced but also allowing them to produce quality images which arenít too much shabby. There are few names of such software which comes to mind, but one of the alternatives which you havenít considered is the Fotophire from the renowned company called Wondershare.


Fotophire Editing Software is a complete and comprehensive photo editing toolkit which features easy to use tools that we considered is best suited for photographers of different skills. At present, this software is available only for PC users, and it is duly priced at £51.59 which includes VAT, but in February, it is made available for the mere price of $49.99 which is around £36. It is also subscription based which may make some people not to try it but it works quite well at mere £4 a month which isnít overly expensive, and it does come with a free trial.


At present, this software consists of three different tools which are Photo Editor, Photo Cutter and Photo Eraser. This company is also planning to eventually add Photo Maximizer which is used for enlarging photos, as well as Photo Focus which is a tool for the fixing as well as refocusing of blurred photos. These will be added to mix at some point in the near future, but for now, you only have these three tools which have previously mentioned.

As suggested by the name, Photo Editor provides you with the tools to easily edit your photos. It includes adding vignettes, cropping, playing around with filters, adjusting colours and adding creative effects. Photo Cutter provides you with the tools to easily remove subjects from the image background, and the Photo Eraser allows you to fix scratches and can even be used to remove any of the unwanted objects from your photos.

Photo Editing Features


It has a drag and drop interface. It allows you to cut and crop as well as comes with various filters and effects. It comes with 20+ blend modes and provides wide format support. It has before and after views along with straighten line. It has texture and saves presets along with a tone curve.

Photo Cutter Features

It provides customized brush sizes along with background templates. It has drag and drop interface along with straighten line as well as edge blur. It offers cut and crop along with wide format support. It comes with a built-in tutorial.

Photo Eraser Features

It offers 4 selection methods along with customized brush size and align mode. It comes with a drag and drop interface, and formats are widely supported. It comes with Lasso tool and straighten line. It also provides you with a built-in tutorial.

Pricing Overview


Fotophire is duly priced at mere £51.59 which includes VAT that works out at mere £4 a month as it is a one-year subscription price. It comes with a free trial which is available such that you can easily ‘try before you buy’ and also do check the shopping cart before you move on to hit ‘buy’ since it has an optional ‘download insurance’ duly added, that costs merely £4, you can also remove in case you do not need it. If you are purchasing the software in the month of February 2018, you can easily save yourself some money as the software is available for $49.99 that is around £36.

As for Adobe, it has various levels of subscription plans where Adobe Photoshop CC is one of the parts that include the Photography Plan. This particular option is duly available for merely £9.98 without VAT per month, and it includes Lightroom CC along with 20 GB of cloud storage and Photoshop CC. It also makes it quite expensive than Fotophire, but in case you require more advanced editing tools then Photoshop is better suited for you.


  1. It is inexpensive
  2. It is easy to use.
  3. It has quick processing.
  4. It comes with plenty of creative presets.


  1. The erase tool isnít always as successful as expected.
  2. The photo editing options are quite basic.


With Fotophire, you are provided with three distinct pieces of software which is a little bonus when its price is considered, which is quite reasonable. The Photo Editor isnít useful for everyone, and it relies heavily on preset filters, but those who are quite new to photo editing or wish to make few basic edits will find this tool quite adequate.

When it comes to the cutter and erase tools, they are actually which people will certainly find quite useful. The background removal is quite good with few adjustments required to get your image background free, and the Photo Eraser tool works just fine. Although, there are certain times when it replaces objects with a certain set of selection which doesnít even make much sense, and it is quite a lot of work with the clone tool which is required to fix it.

Few of the people might get annoyed with another subscription-based software, but it is something which people have to get used to as most of the companies are now moving towards this model as payment options.

Overall, Fotophire is quite easy to use, and it duly produces quick results and saves a lot of time which is why we recommend to photographers of different skills sets.