WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro Review


Whether it is our favourite movie or TV- show, we like to keep a copy to watch them anytime. So, when it comes down to saving a large amount of data, DVDs are the best possible storage solutions. However, these DVDs can get affected by any accident. In this regard, the DVD rippers can certainly by highly useful, providing us with a handy backup in a situation when these discs get scratched. They can also allow us to quickly get rid of physical DVDs altogether in case we donít have any space for them.

Ripping DVD seems to a complicated process, but if you have the right DVD ripping software, then you can convert the DVDís contents easily to a file that can easily be stored anywhere. DVD rippers make this job quite a breeze. However, there are various malicious software present in the market and finding a legitimate DVD ripper can certainly be a difficult one, especially when you are looking the best in the business.

So, here we present one of the best DVD ripper software out there. Let us introduce the WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro. It is a smart DVD ripping software which offers the fastest solution to rip all of your extensive DVD collection to any audio, video and device, virtually. Just Load the DVD, go to Output Setting and simply Get Started. This three-step process is sufficient to complete the entire DVD backup process. This software is quite fast in ripping speed while maintaining the high original quality. It is quite a simpler and faster solution. It creates a perfect-quality video, even in high definition. You wonít miss any keyframes. There are no redraw issues or frequent crashes with this software.

Letís look at some of its other salient features.


1.   It helps in bypassing and even removing DVD CSS, Multi-angle, Region Code, Sony ARccOS, RCE, Disney X-Project DRM, UOP and Cinavia Protection.

2.   It provides constant and extensive supports for a classic and latest TV show, DVD movie, Fitness (P90X/T25, etc.) or Tutorial. It also provides support to almost all types of encrypted DVDs.

3.   It easily removes all types of region code protections so that you donít have to order a new DVD player whenever you purchase any foreign DVD while the region code of that DVD doesnít match your own DVD player.

4.   It offers you the option to create back up DVD for all of your digital copies of the movies that you own.

5.   It gives you perfect balance in file size, compression ratio and output quality.

6.   It has the fastest DVD-to-Digital Conversion Speed where it takes just 20 minutes to rip any 150 minutes DVD to AVI, MP4, MKV, WMV, MOV without any Quality Loss. It takes even less time to back up any DVD to MPG(only 5-10 minutes).

7.   It can detect the main title for DVD TV Show and Movie, intelligently. It can find the right title from given 99 titles along with removing unwanted trailers, ads, video clips etc.

8.   Owing to built-in DVD decoding and decryption technology, you can easily rip any DVD(Folder/ISO/Disc) to different standard video formats which include.

DVD to MP4 format, DVD to AVI format, DVD to MKV format, DVD to WMV format, MPG, MOV, M4V, MTS, DVC, ASF, M2TS, FLV, VOB, WEBM, 3GP, F4V, 3GP2 format.

This helps in meeting all of your various demands. It can also convert DVDs to different HD video formats for the purpose of better playback on any given larger screen.

9.   It has different preset optimized parameters pertaining to all pop devices like DVD to tablet, iPhone, iPad, TV, Xbox, Samsung devices, Microsoft devices, Android devices, DVD to PC and much more. Various new gadgets and media formats are constantly added and duly supported.

10.  It also offers you the capability to convert your DVDs to different device-compatible formats. You can Rip DVD to Wii U, Rip DVD to Plex etc.


1.   It helps in preserving digital content in different formats without any hassle and easier steps.

2.   It provides a wide range of DVD conversion to different video formats.

3.   It maintains the high quality of the video even after conversion.


We havenít witnessed any major issue with this software. However, the pricing feels a bit too much.


You can start with limited-feature Free Download. If you are satisfied with the Free Download version, you can purchase the software license at below prices.

a. Single License- Lifetime for 1 PC- $29.95.

b. Discount License- Lifetime for 1 PC which includes DVD Ripper and Video Converter- $39.95.

c. Family License- Lifetime for 3 PCs- $69.95.


Considering the growing file size of latest movies and TV shows available on the market, it is best to have DVDs to store them as they are economical and user-friendly. However, in case you accidentally scratch them, you can lose your data. So, in order to help out to avoid losing your data, you should get the best DVD Ripper software in the market. WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro fits all of the requirements that you can think of. It is among the fastest and simplest DVD Rippers available in the market. Its various features allow you to store all your digital content safely. You can rip your DVDs in different formats and much more. So, if you are looking for smartest and fastest DVD Ripper to buy, we recommend you go for WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro.