How to Customize Windows Desktop to a Cool Sleek Design


When Windows got invented, who knew that it will be your companion for all day long, we have got into ahabitof spending our major portion of time in front of a PC. With numerous things to do, sometimes our desktop can become reallycluttered.

In this article we will look over some of the coolest applications and plugins which will convert your cluttered Windows desktop to a super cool one. We will make sure that your desktop will be different from anyone around you.

Most of the application provided below are compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 unless we specify.

Free Icons from DryIcons

Free Icons from DryIcons

Starting with smallest of customization, icons can make your desktop look really sleek and elegant. Just by replacing the old,refurbishedicons you can download some popular choices of cute and quirky icons. To make changes right-click on your desktop select Properties > Customize > Change icon. I personally prefer to use red color for more vibrant effect. One more popular download from DryIcons is Shine set which can make your desktop like shinning star.

Dexpot – Virtual desktops for Windows

Dexpot - Virtual desktops for Windows

Like Mac has spaces to work on multiple workspaces, for Windows there’s this application called Dexpot, which converts your workspace with assigning programs to other virtual desktops, which are different from your current ones. It enable you to work more efficiently as too many windows can clutter your workspace. Withextremecustomfeatureslike controltransitions between desktops and any number of desktops can be created.

Rainmeter – desktop customization tool


Rainmeter has some great customizable skins for memory and battery power, RSS feeds and weather forecasts all can be embedded on your desktop. More features which you can use are notes, to-do lists, application launcher and controlling media player, all this with great look and interface. It can do wonders if used properly and can be highly creative for people love spending time onvisualization.

Wallpaper Clocks &Rotating Wallpapers byVladstudio


Vladstudio has two superb freeware programs one is wallpaper clocks and other is the Rotating wallpaper both of these programs have great interface and they do their work perfectly. The wall clock is a specially designed .wcz file that refreshes yourdesktopevery minute to keep your time precise. The wallpaper changer is also brilliant as you just need to double click and the scenery is changed.



RocketDock can convert your Windows desktop to look similar to Mac, with the launcher in the dock style your desktop will be more classy then ever before. Mac has been using this dock style for years now and its fairly useful and attractive. All theappearanceand functionality are customizable with options of choosing skins and icons on the RocketDock site. Its not compatible with Windows 8.

Okozo Free Interactive Wallpapers

Okozo Interactive Wallpaper

This unique software enables Windows desktops to have interactive wallpapers. There are many games, clocks and amazing flash content as well. You can surely use this software for artistic touch and the wow factor to your desktop screen. Its not yet available for Windows 8.

Tell us in your comments, how do you customize your PC.. we would be great to add more content here.