Why Owner Builders Should Try Estimating Software

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Many construction companies have adopted the new technologies and software that have been designed for the industry in recent years. They’ve realised that by moving away from traditional methods that require manual measurements and calculations they can benefit by relying on estimating software to give them the accuracy and efficiency they need.

But what about homeowners that are working on their own homes, can they reap the same rewards from the tools that on-screen estimating software offers? Absolutely say industry leaders such as Groundplan. Adopting the technological tools will make the process more manageable and therefore less stressful, and you’ll be working with the same professional tools that a construction company would likely use.

Here are the many ways estimation software can help you with your renovation or self-build.

All the information you need is contained online, literally a few clicks away. You won’t feel overwhelmed by information or lose track of essential data. You won’t waste time shuffling through papers or files at home to find the material you need because estimation software allows you to access the information anywhere, anytime. All you need is Internet access to see everything you need in one place or switch between programs to do your calculations. 

If you are doing a build yourself, it’s likely that one of the reasons for your choice is that you have a tight budget, and every dollar counts. Estimating software can give you the accuracy you need to avoid wastage or mistakes when you’re taking measurements to determine the quantities of materials you need. The software allows you to trace digitally over plans you import into the program to do the measurements. Tools such as 3D modelling mean you can also view the plans from any angle. This means no more guesswork!

Pricing information can also be tricky to keep track of, but it is another vital factor in sticking to your budget. Groundplan Estimating software makes updating costs as prices change so simple because they come with easy-to-use pricing templates. You can enter the new information or upload price lists from suppliers into the software. 

Working with a few different trades on a job at the same time can also be a juggle for a homebuilder. Digital takeoff estimation means you can easily divide the project up into various trades so you can look at them individually. This removes a lot of confusion when costing the different elements of your build. It also makes sharing information with your trades easy because you can export the data into other programs such as Microsoft Excel for them.

This is necessary because prices, information and numerous factors can change on a project. When you’re given new measurements by a tradie, you’ll need to relook your estimation. On-screen takeoff software means you can easily compare the old plans with the new ones to see what the changes are. You can update the estimation online, and you’re soon back on track with your build because the estimation will update automatically. There won’t be any nasty surprises when you get your bills!

Your tradies or suppliers, and even your bank, may also require regular updates from you. On-screen estimating software can be exported into various formats that will be compatible with these industry players. You can use it to create custom reports and highlight portions of your estimate that are relevant to them.

This useful function means you’ll need to spend less time on location or meeting with suppliers to discuss information. You can simply email them the reports and conduct your conversations online from the comfort of your own home or office.