Which Archiver Compresses Files Better?

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Dozens of archivers are popular in the network today. Moreover, in the description of each program one can find that exactly this algorithm is the best. We decided to take several popular archivers in the network, namely WinRar, WinUha, WinZip, KGB archiver, 7Z and check them in “combat” conditions.

The comparison may not be too objective. Comparison of the archives was carried out on the ordinary computer, that has the average indicators. In addition, various types of data were not taken: the compression comparison was carried out on an ordinary “Word” document. Well, it is logical that information that you rarely use is advisable to pack into the archive and sometimes extract. And to transfer such a file is much easier: the flash drive is copied faster than a bunch of small files, and you can download it on the Internet faster.

Compression comparisons

For a small experiment, a relatively large RTF file was taken – about 3.5 mb and compressed by various archivers. We are not taking the time of work at the moment, we’ll tell you about the peculiarities of the programs’ work later, now we just look at the compression ratio.

The highest compression ratio is achieved with the KGB Archiver 2 program – the original file size has decreased in 23 times. It means, if you have several gigabytes of different documentation on your hard drive, which you do not use and want to remove (but you have the feeling, that suddenly it can be handy) – is it easier to compress such a program and burn it to disk.

KGB Archiver 2

In general, it’s not a bad archiver, according to developers, their compression algorithm is one of the “strongest”.

But the speed of compression leaves much to be desired. For example, the file in the example (about 3 MB) was compressed for about 3 minutes. It’s easy to imagine that it will compress one CD for half a day, if not more.

But the surprising fact is that unpacking of the file lasts for as long as the compression. If you spent half a day trying to compress some of your documents, how much time would you spend to get them out of the archive?

The program can be used for small amounts of information, especially when the minimum size of the source file is important (for example, the file needs to be placed on a floppy disk, or at a small capacity flash drive). But again, you cant guess the size of the compressed file in advance, and maybe you’ll waste time compressing it.

If you still want to try using it, then you can download the program from the official site.


Legendary, one of the most popular archivers. Is there a function WinZip free download? Yes.

In the network, probably, the most frequently-found archives are “ZIP”. And its not by accident – in fact, despite having not the highest compression ratio, the speed of operation is simply amazing. For example, Windows opens such archives as ordinary folders.

In addition, we should not forget that this archiver and its compression format are much older than newfangled competitors. Also, not all users now have powerful computers that will quickly work with new formats. And the Zip format is supported by all modern archivers.


The famous program is installed on most computers. Probably, if it did not show such good results, it would not have so many fans.

WinRar compressed the file in a few seconds, and the file size decreased in 17 times. A very decent result, if you take into account that the time spent on processing is negligible. And the time needed for unpacking the file is even less.

Excellent program, showing some of the best results. In the process of compression settings, you can also specify the maximum size of the archive and the program will break it into several parts. It is very convenient to transfer a file from one computer to another on a USB flash drive or CD/DVD drive when the entire file cannot be written.


A relatively young archiver, which can be downloaded here. We cant call it super-popular program, but many users who often work with archives are interested in it. According to the developers of the archiver, its compression algorithm is stronger than that of RAR and 7Z.

In our small experiment, we would not say that this is so. It is possible that on some other data it will show much better results.

A good program with an interesting compression algorithm. The time to process and create the archive is, of course, greater than on WinRar, but on some types of data you can get a bit more compression. Although, we would not do on this a great accent.


Very popular free archiver. Many argue that the compression ratio at 7z is even better than in WinRar. It is possible, but when compressing with the level of “Ultra” on most files, it loses to WinRar.

A good alternative to WinRar. It has quite a comparable degree of compression and convenient embedding in the Explorer context menu.