3 Best Website Builder Software with Buyers Guide


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Website Builder Software

Website builder software helps businesses to construct websites without the requirement for in-depth coding expertise. The software provides wide range of design tools, domain hosting options, & built-in templates to help create a user-friendly website in least interval of time. Website builder software includes credit card processing, social media integration, and SEO tools which enable the website to perform better in search results.

Pros of Website Builder Software

Eliminate the require for in-depth coding: Website builder software provides customizable templates that don’t need the user to learn a coding or programming language. The software offers a user-friendly interface and drag-and-drop technology that permits the developer to upload images, edit text, or change page elements easily.

Reduce go-live time: Businesses don’t have to hire a professional designer or outsource website design by using website builder software. The software offers ready-to-use applications and pre-populated web pages so users can add personalized content and quickly launch the website.

Train new users quickly: With drop-down menu options, a drag-and-drop interface, and quick access to editor tools, website builder software is easy to learn and use.

Features of Website Builder Software

Real-time editing: Helps in editing website content in a real-time visual and intuitive editor.

Content import/export: Helps importing or exporting content to and from a website, like images, graphics, sound, video, frames, tables, and animations.

Templates: Using pre-built, industry-specific templates for creating a site. Customizing the templates by adding or changing images, text, and other page elements.

Drag and drop: Dragging and dropping multiple web elements to a website.

Form creation: Creating custom forms and collecting user data.

SEO: Using SEO analytics tools for improving a site’s organic search ranking.

Price of Website Builder Software

Most products in the market are priced on a per month basis and can be divided into three pricing tiers based on their starting price. A premium product, offered at a higher price include additional features like product white labeling, client dashboard, roles and permissions management, and priority customer support services.

Considerations while Buying Website Builder Software

Mobile experience: B2B search queries are made on smartphones, and they’re expecting the number to grow. The website requirements to provide a good experience for mobile users. Website builder software provides limited mobile optimization capabilities. They provide a limited set of mobile templates that may not fit your content and design. Ensure tool provides what you require to create mobile-friendly websites, before making a buying decision.

Customer support: Website builder software is used by people who aren’t coding experts. Therefore, ask software sellers what kind of training is available to ensure staff can get up to speed quickly. Ensure to  ask the seller what kind of online, telephone, and live chat customer support is available – live customer support is helpful in resolving issues quickly so website launch is not delayed due to technical glitches.

Website Builder Software Trends

Artificial intelligence (AI) offers a personalized experience: AI-powered website builder software can automatically pick a website layout and design scheme based on the user’s industry, customer segment, and many different parameters. It helps in optimizing, arranging, and formatting the content on a website with user theme, content form, and preferences.

Chatbots assist users in website design: Website builder systems are incorporating chatbots that enquire web designers questions to understand preferences and give suitable recommendations. Chatbots offer step-by-step advice on pages, images, content, and multimedia elements that can help in creating a site with a professional look.

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