3 Best Visitor Management Software and Buyers Guide


Trusted for managing visitors employees & contractors on premises Keeping people & premises safe as priority Universal solution for standardized processes at all locations Flexible for local customization Creates & integrates access control systems Meeting room apps & Wi-Fi providers  


Upgrade from paper visitor book to touch free digital solution Streamlines reception desk Smart Simple solution Trusted by brand workplaces globally Fastest to implement Easiest to use Best value Sign-in system on the market World-class customer care Average response time under 2 min. 


Business and healthcare focusing on increased security iPad visitor security check-in system for EDU efficiency and modern experience. Designed for EDU & healthcare businesses, It is an iPad-based application to manage check-ins photos and badges of visitors wirelessly

Visitor Management Software

Visitor Management Software offers organizations for streamlining the visitor check-in procedure through ID scanning, visitor pre-registration and with customizable visitor badges, and email notifications. Companies use it for collecting accurate data and easily recalling & tracking visitor information to assist in monitoring employee and facilitating safety. Visitor management system has utility in corporate property management companies, hospitals, schools, and various government buildings.

Advantages of Visitor Management Software

Streamlined visitor check-in: Visitor management software permits streamlining group check-ins toi provide real-time scanning, pre-registration, and background identification processing. The software can get information directly from government-issued identification cards like passports, driver’s licences, and health cards. Automated data entry decreases manual errors and makes record electronically for future reference.

Fewer administrative tasks: Front desk employees can be saved from trivial tasks to include background verification and data entry. Paperless operations permit front desk staff to revert to requests instantaneously, get online approvals, and decrease waiting time for visitors. Information of return visitors can be easily retrieved from the database of visitor management system to help them save from going thru the registration process  repetitively.

Features of Visitor Management Software

Contact management: Captures and stores visitor contact information like name, address, and contact numbers in a central database.

Registration management: Permits visitors to self-register while doing check-in. Hosts can pre-register visitors and offer to send them a QR code for fast sign-in.

Visitor tracking: Helps to track visitor check-in and check-out time, host’s name, and purpose of visit. Users can create reports to know exactly the number of visitors are in the facility at any specific time.

Self check-in: Permits visitors to check in by scanning an ID card and get a customized visitors badge.

Watchlist: Reviews visitors for a “watch list” and get notified for security staff of their presence.

Alerts/notifications: Offers notification to hosts when visitors arrive and intimates employees regarding events and jobs or tasks with system-wide notifications.

Price of Visitor Management Software

Most visitor management system sellers in the market are priced on a “per user, per month” basis, and can be divided into three pricing tiers based on the starting price. A premium product is priced higher and has additional features like real-time dashboards, visitor analytics, facial recognition, mobile access, and report generation.

Points to Ponder while Buying Visitor Management Software

Integration with third-party software and hardware: Integration with various other systems is an important factor which requires to be considered before making a buying decision. Visitor management solutions can work in integration with various hardware and software solutions. The solution must be able to function well with hardware tools like kiosks, printers, and bar-code scanners, and solution like database management software, background verification tools, and analytics software. Buyers must be able to review the technology infrastructure and integration requirements while selecting a visitor management system.

Budget and feature requisites : Costs for visitor management software can differ to a great extent and may work with various pricing models. Some of the variations is dependent on deployment type, IT needs, number of clients, etc. Buyers must be able to evaluate the feature needs, number of hosts daily visitor counts, and office locations, and deployment options as all of the factors will play a crucial role in accessing the total cost of ownership of visitor management software.

Visitor Management Software Trends

Wearable computing will make the visitor management system upgrade: Mainstream adoption of wearable devices will decrease the requirement for visitor registration as visitors’ info could be accessed with the help of data sensors and connectors. According to research, more than half of minor and small category businesses are planning to adopt wearable computing technology in next few years. Bands are finding successful use in cases which will enable customized visitor management with the help of RFID scanners.