Best Virtual Desktop Manager 2016 Edition

Virtual Desktop is a term that is used with a user interface. Online, there are various virtual desktop manager software that develop virtualized environment between the computer platform and its operating system.

Below we are going to share some virtual desktop software that is completely free and have lots of features like: creating and managing a numerous desktop, setting a password for each desktop and so on. You can easily manage your virtual desktop by using the software below.

Let’s have a look on the below list and check which virtual desktop manager suits you most.

1. 9Desks - www.hexagora.com

It is a free virtual desktop manager. By using this, you can manage nine different virtual desktops at a time. You also can put a password on every desktop except the first desktop so that nobody can get access without your given password. By using hotkeys option, you can swiftly move from one desktop to another. Also, you can move, maximize or minimize any application by adding rules.

2. Dexpot - www.dexpot.de

Another free desktop manager that is available for Windows. You can create and maintain around 20 desktops with it. Different tasks can be performed easily by using this. To get all the desktops in one screen, you need to double-click on the tray icon. The same instruction is also applicable to move any application to another desktop.

3. nSpaces - www.bytesignals.com

It is free software to develop and organize virtual desktop. It will allow a user to develop as many virtual desktops as the user like. To switch one desktop to another, a user need to use hotkeys or space switcher. Different programs also can be run by the user in various desktop. A Password can be used to protect your personal documents, files, etc. You can specify different wallpapers for different desktops.

4. SharpDesktop - sourceforge.net/projects/sharpdesktop

An excellent virtual desktop manager software that has four different virtual desktops by default and can be increased to maximum 100 desktops. A user can unclosed several applications on several desktops. Also, if anyone wants to assign names to these desktops, s/he needs to do this from configure menu. A user can switch between these desktops in 3 different ways. Either a user need to click on the desired desktop or number of pages or to elect the desired desktop from the system tray.

5. Compiz - www.compiz.org

Compiz - Best Virtual Desktop Manager

Are you a Linux user and looking for a desktop manager that will come up with some flair and eye candy look? This virtual desktop manager is available for Linux, and it is totally free. Compiz comes with a gist of plug-ins that fill up all types of 3D effects which can be further enriched by using Compiz-fusion.

6. Virtual Dimension - virt-dimension.sourceforge.net

It is a simple virtual desktop manager software that will let you use various desktops at the same time by developing different virtual desktops. Unlimited numbers of a desktop can be added by using this software. To get the different wallpaper on different desktops, you need to configure the settings. You can open different applications on each desktop.

7. Desktop - technet.microsoft.com/en-gb/sysinternals/cc817881.aspx

This free virtual desktop software will let you use four different virtual desktops. To switch between these four desktops, you need to use its icon in the system tray or the hotkey. This virtual desktop software is tiny in size. To close this software you need to turn off your desktop.

8. VirtuaWin - virtuawin.sourceforge.net


VirtuaWin is a very standard desktop manager that a user can swiftly turn into an eminently customized tool thanks to an enormous library of plug-ins. VirtuaWin can do a tremendous job with regular window switching and management. VirtuaWin users have provided a collection of useful plug-ins to the project that able to do everything from changing wallpaper based on the present desktop to selectively enable and disable icons on each respective desktop.

9. Blacksmith

This free and simple virtual desktop manager will let you manage up to 6 virtual desktops on your PC. The main benefit of this software is, it does not require installation because it is available in portable mode. You can make your windows translucent. It uses several keyboard shortcuts to perform, and you can also adjust or give a responsibility to any task.

10. BetterDesktopTool - www.betterdesktoptool.com

By using this virtual desktop software you can manage up to 64 virtual desktops. You can give a responsibility shortcut keys to change between these desktops. Different applications or programs can be opened on different virtual desktops. Any application can be set as a global application to run on every desktop. This software is highly customizable.

11. Spaces – http://www.apple.com/osx/apps/#spaces


Spaces is a virtual desktop devices that built right into Mac Operating System. One can develop in total 16 workspaces and can access them via keyboard shortcut keys. Spaces support window Assignment. It means you can select particular applications to the spectacle on designated Spaces.

12. JS Virtual Desktop Manager

By default, JS Virtual Desktop Manager has six virtual desktops. You also can create unlimited numbers of virtual desktops. You can shift from one desktop to another by clicking hotkeys or by clicking the icon near the system tray. It does not contain many opportunities rather than four virtual desktops for working with several applications. It functions like you have numerous monitors on your PC.

These 12 Virtual Desktop Managers are a way to organize your workflow in an efficient way, so you can always try switching one from another and check whether they fulfill your need. Let us know which one have you used before? Moreover, how many of these do you want to try.