VideoProc review – credible, easy-to-use and top-notch quality, all in one video processing software!


Susan had a long day at work and came back home late in the evening. She sat on her sofa and then it struck her, she had less than a couple of hours to edit her sister’s marriage video for an anniversary surprise party! The video needed work, it had to be converted from a 4K video format to a 1080p one, needed to be stabilized and cropped and finally have a noise removal as well. Everything had to be done and Susan wasn’t even a professional video editor in the first place!

Thankfully, she remembered a suggestion given to her by her colleague at work the other day, to use a software called VideoProc. It is an easy, lightweight and fast processing video editing software which could be easily operated by a beginner like Susan with all video editing features in one single place, the best solution to the crisis at hand.

Thinking much? To edit videos using VideoProc works best if you want the following check boxes to be ticked –

  1. Highly compatible with both Windows and Mac.
  2. Convert video to fit any media player or mobile device as format support might vary.
  3. Actually efficiently convert 4K, HD, large videos, and keep the highest possible quality valid after conversion.
  4. Look for an easy, fast and stable software to do video editing, processing, converting and downloading, etc.
  5. Have a need to process and edit 4K/large-sized/high-speed videos without worrying about lagging or slow speed.
  6. Need lightweight & user-friendly video software to edit videos without freezing and crashing
  7. Also have more powerful video editing features than some freeware but then not pay as much money as a professional software might cost.
  8. Not use any professional at advanced software like Final Cut X, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Vegas.

Don’t be surprised, we tried and used VideoProc and it does tick all the boxes above. The software is made to be used by beginners, support gazillion features and still be extremely user-friendly, all at once. It’s basket of features that we loved are – 

  1. Edit at once, all in one

Editing features, right from the basic ones like crop, cut, merge, flip, rotate and enhance to the more complex ones like fix footage, deshake, denoise, correct lens distortion, A/V sync, GOP, adjust speed, etc are available to use. There is no compromise anywhere. You can have green screen support, download videos from channels in bulk as batches and then edit or even work with 3D videos, all thanks to VideoProc.

  • Convert before you edit though

There is always a possibility that you have a video in a format and want to use it or send it in another. VideoProc supports 370 input codes and 420 output codes as it understands the problem. In fact, you can convert any video by just three simple steps – Upload the video, select the output format, convert by running the video. At the end? The size can be reduced too but the quality does not get disturbed. Moreover, it is one of the rare softwares that converts MKV to MP4 videos without any hassle.

  • GPU acceleration

VideoProc is extremely credible and fast as a processor of videos. The reason? It has a full GPU acceleration where it uses Intel QSV, NVIDA, AMD and gives a 47x speed. This helps in fast upscaling or downscaling of videos, lower usage of CPU storage and high quality 4K videos are also processed smoothly.

Want a visual tour of this stunning editing software? Check this out

Our VideoProc review was an amazing experience of the software, realizing that quality matters over everything and if there is a software that offers quantity (features) as well, it is a win-win situation. There is a trial version but is only limited to a 5-min file edit, not enough to understand the marvelous wonder in front of you.

Infact, just an advice, VideoProc is having a giveaway and anniversary special offer time going on, possibly the best discounts available. Go ahead and try the software, especially if you don’t want to stress yourself out like Susan and improve on your video editing skills. The website has all the details, gives more information about video-editing than Google would and also has a detailed analysis on the use of all its features. If nothing else, these should be reasons enough for anyone to visit VideoProc.

Steps to Install –

  1. Visit the website and download the software
  2. Run the setup
  3. Register and Activate
  4. Set up the hardware acceleration
  5. Start editing

Yes, it is as easy and simple as that. A software with such credible and fast installation process, you know how it would be while working on your desktop or laptop as well.