VideoPad Video Editor Review

VideoPad Video Editor has most of the basic and advanced tools a user will need. However, its user interface is quite old fashioned. Even with all the tools one need are present in this software, it has a limited library of transitions, effects and other objects which are required to enrich your movie and simply the editing process.

If one is looking for best video editing software, this software still deserves a try.The video editor provides you basic versions of the tools which industry professionals use to create commercials, movies, TV shows, etc.

Even when they are not as powerful as their competitors, it still allows you to edit home movies in the same way the professionals do. Tools like chroma key (green screen), color correction, video stabilizer and other give you a great deal of control over your project.

Also, this software provides you an unlimited amount of video editing tracks, which in turn gives you the flexibility to create your project simple or complex, according to your choice. Few of the imperfections in the quality of video created by this software when compared with source material includes, pixelation, Fuzziness, and other distortions which were present throughout the video.

Most of the users may not notice it if they are watching the video on smaller screen or in a browser window. Similar to this editor’s library, the sharing options are limited too. You can upload your videos to sharing sites like YouTube, Flickr, Facebook from within the application.

You can also burn your video to a DVD or Blu-ray disc.


VideoPad Video Editor is a tough case to rate regarding capabilities. At one place, it has a wide array of different video editing features but in the other place, it lacks in aspects like effects, transitions, and other necessary enhancements.

The quality of the exported finished video is not among the best. Sharing options of the video is also limited, and it provides limited disc-authoring tools. Even with are these pros and cons, this video editing software can be given a chance.

With this, we end our review of VideoPad Video Editor. In case you use this software, then don’t forget to share your experience with us.