Excellent, QUICK+FREE Video Chat Apps for Android & iPhone

Cord-tethered landlines have now a thing of the past. Landlines are almost vanished from the market. Moreover, its place has been taken by mobile phones because they are handy, wireless, and easy to carry. We not only use it for communication purpose, but also it helps us to use other various functions also. By this invention communicating gap has been decreased among the people.

Now we can do video chatting with the help of Video Chat Apps from your handheld devices like iPhone and Androids. It provides an opportunity to connect people even further in a few seconds. This service has become one of the most popular chat clients in the world.

There are many Video Chat Apps that provides the facility of converting mobile camera into a webcam while talking. In all this service has changed the world, as if people were facing each other in the same room. Like this Skype brought people together and granting them an easy means of communicating live who are thousands of miles away. Later and later this revolution has run, and better communicating tools have established in a population. Landline – Skype – smartphones have changed the lifestyle to reduce the distance and provides the facility of spending time.

Below you will find some of the best video chat apps for iOS and Android platform, I am sure you will be using them more often after reading this article.

9 best Video Chat Apps are as follows:

Google Hangouts - iOS | Android

best video chat apps - google hangout

Google Hangouts provides you the facility to chat with up to 10 other people through Wi-Fi and mobile networks. You can share personal photos and classic emojis. Google+ allows its users to video chat both on a smartphone or tablet.

ooVoo - iOS | Android

ooVoo helps to upload your friends list to the contact page. It provides free voice calling and instant messaging between ooVoo users but takes the minimal cost for landlines and cell phone calls. This app gives you the ability to chat up to 12 people at a time.

Skype - iOS | Android

Skype has conquered the video chat world for years, and it had 700 million plus registered users. It shows compatibility with smartphones to desktops, tablets and other devices. It offers video chat, video messaging, instant messaging and VoIP calls to outside numbers for a small fee.

Tango - iOS | Android

This app supports you for voice calls, text messaging, photo sharing and music messages too. This app helps you to do group calls of up to 50 people and only requires your email address, phone number, and first name to sign up. You can also play games.

Viber - iOS | Android

Viber supports only that calls that are made to the Viber users. However, still it offers to a message, video calling, and photo messaging. It also offers you unique emojis. You can do group calls with up to 40 users

Camfrog - iOS | Android

Camfrog video chat not only just connect you with your friends and family. It also provides the facility to connect with strangers too. You can go in thousands of different chat rooms. Unfortunately.

Fring - iOS | Android

Fring offers group video chats, instant messaging, video messaging, and picture messaging. Moreover, you can do landlines calling at 1.2 cents per minute i.e.the cheapest rates. Fring register you on your cell phone number.

QikShare - iOS | Android

QikShare allows you to do video calls, as well as to record and publish videos on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, email and others.

FaceTime - iOS

Apple’s provide the most popular Video Chat Apps on the market. FaceTime has already integrated within iOS and doesn’t require any additional software.

Let us know, which one do you consider is the best video chat apps for ease of use and voice/video quality. We would love to hear what are your comments on this.