Best Venue Management Software with Buyers’ Guide


World leading online booking Scheduling platform Infinitely customizable Allows organizations to automate complex time-consuming booking tasks 


Robust Virtual event hosting features Ticket sales Live streaming Live chat & polling Virtual exhibitor booths Breakout sessions A.I. powered networking Gamification

Event Temple

Cloud-based Hotel & Venue Sales and Catering software company Provides industry with easy to use Integrated solution Affordable price Boosting efficiency Productivity


Driving innovation Helping organizations Adapt to changing market Delivering complete solution Driving accuracy and efficiency 


Tailored event management software for events of all sizes all over the world Sell tickets Plan and promote event Reserved seating system


Most intuitive and easy-to-use real-time VIP table reservation, ticketing, Venue management software in the market

Venue Management Software Reviews


With exemplary customer service and an ever-evolving product, Nutickets can be an alternative software for the theatre after the existing system didn’t do what the user needed. After some regular calls and chats with the team at nutickets, get up and running. Customer care saves contacts at nutickets to keep them in the loop and resolves problems for them. The operation is being continuously updated and developing all the time. A few functions would be fantastic to have, and the team is trying hard to support them. Outstanding features: seating plans are brill and the front end that customers understand. Tickets and apps work fine in practice, and regularly, users find the experience online comfortable. Features that need work: reporting is hard, especially while talking about box office splits and disbursements. Modifying tickets templates should be an option, and reps for allocated events and better marketing tools. Finally, functionality to add or adjust a range of events in one goes sooner than individually… That would be outstanding!

All in all, its an excellent little method that is striving to be better all the time. The staff is courteous and helpful, and the system operates well. If you’re planning on applying it for lots of issues like we do, ensure that you consider how best to do it with the rep first… It’ll decrease the time for the staff.

Pros: – It is robust adequate for the global public to use with ease. It is fit for purpose and offers a relaxed customer experience. Unique features like the app and scanner are excellent customer service is excellent, and their staff need to help.

Cons: – The software lacks a controllable recording feature. Most theatres make box office divisions and disbursements, so there should be a way to record this and download reports to this effect. The marketing characteristics would be more useful if they were integrative with other outputs such as post planner. A little more admin control over the system would be reasonable. It is seldom a little restrictive and authoritarian.


TablelistPro truly revolutionized the flow and efficiency from booking/guest entry, and post-event follow up through their CRM options. It has impressed the users with its overall look and feels, intuitive simplicity and hands-on customer service. Everyone working at the venue can quickly view what is feasible and what is traded. It is excellent and most preferred event management software. 24/7 customer service is unbeatable.

Pros: This app connects the entire team in real-time and provides last-minute communication whether the staff is serving that night or at home. It has an excellent capacity to check in whole or part of a group/tracking demographic data / adding important notes per particular customers and enable the users to see who is at the club even when they (managers) are at home. It is Easy to use Updates immediately, Tracks. Very mobile-oriented excellent customer serviceability to manage billing ability to keep the team on the same page about event management.

Cons: There have been some bugs regarding identifying total guests, but the client service is impeccable, and issues are resolved quickly. Users would like the ability to email and text the customer profile database from the app. They have to replicate the recurring problem, and inventory demands some clunkiness to enable promoters to have their discrete ticket. The table needs sharing of my customers with other competitors via table list marketing.


It was a game-changer for us. Put all the service departments into one resource accessible to all at any time. An advance care plan gives the client a designated customer service member that will help them make the greatest out of the software as users are self-supported and do not rely on additional resources from IT. And they can still make it work! As we change, the software changes with them. Reasons for choosing Ungerboeck is customization with an in-depth program, capabilities and extensive support gave the client ability to grow the software as our business grew.

Pros: This solution is customizable. It doesn’t imply how little or large the business; there’s a way to adapt it to precisely what you need. Plenty of reporting opportunities are developed into the software that accommodates the supporting departments what they require with no additional or different input from the event planners—a company with a business centre used for internal and community functions. We have used the solution for as little as two-person meetings to events with well over 1000 people using the same process flow. They also have an excellent support website with a knowledge centre and community-based help centre. It makes it easy to obtain information on tips, tricks and most immeasurable practices at any moment. Software updates have been simple to deploy and virtually seamless.

Cons: It did take some experience and extra resources to implement, but that was due to the complexity and developing it to the needs. It is not an “out of the box” product – also the excellence of it! Also, the individual’s users need to change their passwords regularly (about every 90 days). That seems unnecessary, and when running 2 or 3 shifts, the timing to get a reset link may not be ideal.

Venue Management Software

Venue Management Software solutions strive to assist event planners with the marketing and scheduling of their dexterities, ensuring that relevant services and resources are implemented for each function and that the facility’s space is optimally employed.

Advantages of Venue Management Software

Central hub: Venue management software implements a central hub to improve your staff on the same page as you qualify for upcoming performances. Other improvements consolidate the ability to rapidly and efficiently send programs, appointments, and other certificates to customers and encouragements.

Track interactions: Venue management software enables us to pursue interactions with possibilities on social media and advance your engagement dimensions.

Features of Venue Management Software

Billing and invoicing: Design and conduct monetary interactions between participants (i.e., bills and invoices).

Contract management: Record, reserve, and path client/customer commitments.

Customer management: Apprehend and investigate information about the customers as well as the communications with them.

Event schedule: Follow and handle multiple functions from one fundamental calendar.

Reservation administration: Design and trail reservations.

Resource management: Maintain tabs on the sites and resources, following usage and programming designations.

Price of Venue Management Software

Most products in the market are priced every month. Pricing can be classified into three pricing tiers based on their opening price.

Considerations while buying Venue Management Software

Check out a software vendor’s free trial: Many venue management software merchants allow free shots of their product, enabling businesses to test out the usability and hub functionality of a product before using money. Ensure to request a merchant for features about additional costs, such as a price per event ticket/attendee.

Venue Management Software Trends

Non-traditional venue locations are increasing: In 2019, event planners were more apparent than ever to opt for non-traditional function settings. The Global Meetings Forecast foretold a 4% rise in the employment of non-traditional venues in 2020.

Mobile apps required: Most functions already consolidate mobile apps and mobile registration forms. These are voluntary, but they won’t be for long as millennials and Gen Zers shape up an accelerating share of the workforce and event attendees. 75% of those in Generation Z get their trip booking on a portable device.

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