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Vacation Rental Software

Vacation Rental Software provides property owners rent out the houses, apartments, and condos to vacationers. It is an alternative to hotels. The software offer to manage every step of the process, from marketing and reservations to payment and reviews.

Advantages of Vacation Rental Software

Streamlined invoicing and accounting: Vacation rental software seamlessly connects the invoicing process to the booking process. It helps the property owners to get paid without any hassle as it is all done through online payment gateway. Integrated accounting can help separate personal and business finances and keep track of tax information for property owners with multiple properties and lots of rental income.

Simplified booking and scheduling: The calendar system in the vacation rental software provides lenders and renters an at-a-glance view of which days are available and which days are booked already. This makes scheduling easier for maintenance and housekeeping staff.

Online integration: Built-in website management and online connectivity helps the owners of property to market the property It helps in sharing the vacancy calendar with prospective clients for accepting future booking and payments. It can even sync with many booking websites.

Features of Vacation Rental Software

Reservations management: Helps in accepting, creating, and managing reservations. It syncs reservations with a master calendar to prevent conflicting reservations with other customers.

Contact management: Provides a store and helps in organizing contact and guest information in a pool of database. The feature works alongside guest communications and guest experience management to offer owners communication with the renters.

Lead management: It offers to store information about leads and contacts at different levels of the sales process. Lead management can also help in providing owners with the tracking and recognizing guest loyalty milestones.

Marketing management: The software helps in marketing the vacation property online and offline—via print and promotional materials. It also offers to coordinate and understand the activities.

Housekeeping management: Thse software helps in scheduling housekeeping and maintenance staff activities and syncing with the master calendar. It offers to keep track of issues with cleanliness or property maintenance that require to be addressed.

Automate invoicing and accept payments from renters. The software is capable of exporting transactions to the accounting software.

Cost of Vacation Rental Software

Most products in the market are priced on a monthly basis. Pricing can be divided into three pricing tiers based on their starting price.

Considerations while Buying Vacation Rental Software

Don’t get more than you require. If you’re only renting out one or two properties, you need not have a  complex system designed for renting out a dozen properties. Talk to the sales executive to ensure that you get only that much of the software which you require for your properties, but not too much. Also, ensure you are not searching for hotel rental software, which is typically much more complex. It is considerably , very much different than vacation rental software.

Ensure the software integrates with the sites that your business plan to use. Most vacation rental software integrates with the most popular vacation rental websites, including Airbnb, HomeAway, and Vrbo. But it’s worth checking to make sure that the vacation rental software you’re considering integrates well with the websites you are planning to use. It doesn’t matter how much you love the new vacation rental software, it will be considered a waste if you can not find renters.

Mobile matters. Think about the time when you last searched for a vacation rental property. You probably searched on a mobile device, and your potential renters also wish to use their mobile devices at some point in the process. Ensure the vacation rental software is mobile friendly for the renters otherwise you will definitely be missing out on lots of potential income.

Vacation Rental Software Trends

Vacation rental sites aren’t going away: Vacation rental sites like Airbnb have experienced explosive growth in recent years and are not showing any signs of slowing down as mentioned above. Airbnb charges a service fee to both you and your renter for listing the property. It can be rough to swallow, but unless you’re comfortable renting only to friends and family, you will be required to work with them to make money.

More regulation coming. Airbnb has grown exponentially. This has resulted of its sharing-economy business model. But similar to Uber and others, it has faced more and more scrutiny from local and federal regulators as it’s grown. It is becoming a reason for some regulations to be put on it. Everything from increased taxation to bans on house parties is on the table. If you are a customer of Airbnb to find renters, you must be prepared for shifting tides based on government rules and regulations.

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