Using Online Time Management Software To Manage Labor

Hourglass on laptop computer concept for time management

Logging and managing workforce labor can take up a lot of time, but there are online software tools that will make both management and employee’s lives much easier. Time management software is a great resource to help track labor and time spent on any given task. Features range from simply tracking time to obtaining a more in-depth look at the business.

Rebecca at Track Time 24 says, “Utilizing these platforms is an excellent way for both management and employees to see how efficiently they are spending their time.” If you are on the fence on if a time management software system is the right route for your business, here are some key benefits that should be taken into consideration.

See How Employee Spend Their Time

Management should be fully aware of how their employees are spending their time during business work hours. Knowing when an employee is not working as efficiently as they can be can cause hardship for the business. On the other hand, knowing when an employee is very productive will give management the signal to reward them in some way. Time management software can help with easily monitoring workers. It provides full details on how, where, when, and what an employee is currently working on. Tracking time and attendance can also prevent over or under exaggerated timekeeping and attendance records.

Avoid Micro Managing

Employees generally dislike micromanaging. This is something that many employees complain about because they feel that management does not trust them enough to do their work correctly. Managers could also be using their time more productively than having to make sure every employee is staying on track constantly. To save the burden on management and keep employees more satisfied, this is where a time management application comes in handy. Features include task reminders, contact information, and calendars to keep employees on track without the need for management intervention.

Senior business woman writing down tasks for working day

Be Able To See How Much Time It Takes to Complete a Task

Knowing how much time it takes to complete a task is essential if the business generates revenue by sending out estimates and quotes. If a quote is undersold, it could cost the business money rather than make money. Implementing time management software can provide excellent metrics on what it takes the employees to finish a task. Being able to see this data easily will allow management to know where areas need to be improved. Also, quoting and providing estimates to customers will be much more reliable.

Improving Customer Billing

As mentioned before, knowing the amount of time it takes to complete a task will translate to better customer billing. Not only will the business benefit from accurate time management, so will the customers. With time management software, businesses can reduce the number of billing errors and make sure that the invoices sent depict an accurate indication of the time and work spent on the task, and avoid unnecessary reporting/IT issues. The customer will not have to worry about overpaying for something, which in turn can lead to an excellent business/customer relationship.